St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kingston, Ontario

Wherever we go, we always do our best to visit a local church and Kingston was no exception.

While driving down to the water front, we noticed a cathedral tower poking above the surrounding buildings.  Seeing as i love documenting the interior of churches, it was a given that we would stop by.

X1000677 X1000679

I was able to get some photos right before the mass started.  Photographing inside a church with people in prayer, is best done with a leaf shutter.  Don’t try this with a DSLR, you will have everyone turn their heads.

X1000680 X1000682

This is the tower that we saw rise above the other buildings around it.

X1000683 X1000684

Walking along side the church to the back, you will find a cozy little chapel (St. James Chapel) where you can get away from the hustle & bustle of life and just let everything go.

X1000686 X1000687

Inside of St. James chapel, it is even quieter then inside of the cathedral.  Once again, my leaf shutter proved invaluable for this type of situation.  No one even knew i was taking photos.  Even i don’t hear anything!

This is not an environment suited for the mechanically clunky DSLR; unless of course, you want people giving you the evil eye.

X1000689 X1000690

It was really nice to be able to spend part of beautiful summer afternoon here.  The environment was so peaceful and we were afforded a nice rest before we hit the road again.

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Kingston City Hall

While strolling around the streets of Kingston, we decided to make an escape from the hellish heat by popping into city hall.

Holiday 2015 023 (2)

Now, city hall is a pretty strange place to be going into to get relief from the heat.  But, they had a sign out front saying, “free tours of City Hall”.  So, we went in and had a tour.

Holiday 2015 026 (2)

Below is the hallway leading up to the council chambers.

X1000698 X1000699

I thought this “light” (chandelier?) was pretty interesting.  It’s really the center piece of the chamber.

X1000700 X1000701

Below is the function hall.  I would imagine they have all sorts of official functions and ceremonies here.

This hall has some beautiful stained glass depicting the battle fields of WW1.  I will put the photos of those stained glass panels in my next post.


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Some Grab Shots Before Going Home

On my photo walk down at the Old Port on Saturday, i went around in one big circle.

I started off in front of Notre Dame, walked down to the parking lot, turned right, went across the canal at the locks, walked through the park, went across to the old grain elevators, walked along the dirt road there and ended back at where i first crossed the canal.

Okay, so not really a circle, but it felt like i was going around in one.

On my way up to the business district to take care of some stuff at PVM, i took some grab shots.



I kept my camera set to the Classic Chrome film simulation.  Walking along, these are the scenes that caught my eye.



These days, i always find myself looking around the environment i am in, because you never know what photo opportunities there are to be had unless you are aware of your environment.


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St. Hilaire Parish, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC

We went to do a little apple picking today and along our way to the orchard, we stopped by St. Hilaire Parish, in Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

It’s a beautiful little town, with narrow streets that keep you hoping that no one comes in the opposite direction.

We arrived at the church just as the Sunday morning service was ending.


It’s a beautiful church inside.  As big as it seems to be inside, i had a tough time with the 35mm inside this church.

The church itself is not very “deep”; meaning, from front to back, it’s not very long.  I found myself almost underneath the balcony that holds the organ in order to take the above photo.

If i went any further back, i would have had the underside of the balcony in the photo.  The 27mm would have definitely come in handy today.




I shot all of these in RAW and converted them in-camera.  The staff working at the church were ever so patient with me, they actually waited for me to finish taking photos before closing the front doors.



You can tell that this is a very small town where everyone knows each other.  We had to use the washroom and were able to just walk into the back of the church from the outside in order to do so.  A number of people walked by us and you did not feel that they were questioning your presence there.  Everything was open and accessible, not something we experience here in the big city.



The trees around the church had not completely turned, but i can just imagine what it must look like in the middle of fall.  Adding to the beauty of this church, is the Richelieu River that runs in front of it.



It was a great Sunday drive, with great scenery, beautiful weather, my beautiful family and to top it all off, some delicious apples.

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The Big “Owe”, AKA: The Olympic Stadium

I was told by somebody, ahem, Asawa…. that there were some Penguins outside of the Biodome after 5pm this evening.  So, we all moseyed on down to the Big “Owe”; yes, that big white elephant in the East end of Montreal.

For God’s sake, i don’t know how many times the media has told us that the Olympic Stadium has finally been paid off.  Just the other week was the last time i heard it.  Over the past 10 years, i have heard at least two reports about having paid it off.  So, my question is, have we paid off this goddamn thing already??  Only in Quebec.

Of course, when we got to where the Penguins were supposed to be, there were no Penguins.  I am assuming that they were all deep in a fish dinner comma.  Oh well, it did not stop me from taking out the camera to take some photos, even of the ground – you will see which one that is.

Below photos taken with X-Pro1/35mm.














Little Sunday Afternoon Stroll

It is such a beautiful day here in Montreal.  Wonderful, clear blue skies, with just a bit of wind.  The temperature itself is not that cold.  But when you factor in the wind chill, it goes down to about negative 21 degrees Celsius.

Walking around for a bit, it was good to warm up with a scrumptious hamburger and fries.







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