Here are the update photos of the Tamiya Jordan 191.  As i mentioned in my last post, i was able to accomplish a bit more in my last week of Christmas vacation, but not much.

The cockpit halfs are glued together and the decals are on.  I just need to touch of some areas of the paint job.


The engine cowling is almost finished.  A few more decals to go and it will be good.


The nose is coming together, slowly but surely.  A few extra parts, paint & decals and it will be done.


The tires are all but done.


Part for the back wing.  There is lots more to do with this section of the car.


Here is the chassis and the engine.  The engine has a long way to go, but the main part of it has been done.


Thanks for looking.

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There really is not much to report at this point in time.  With the last week of Christmas vacation i had, i did not make to much progress on the build.

I have finished all the tires in regards to painting and decals.  The two halfs of the cockpit have been glued together and most decals have been applied.  I have also painted the main part of the engine and i have painted the chassis.

I will post some photos of what i have done some time this week.  I do hope to get back to it during the weekends, but i find myself busy with other aspects of life right now.

Despite the slow down, the car is looking very nice so far.  I overcame the decal fiasco and i have accepted that there will be a different shade of blue on the car.  As they say, when you are given lemons, make lemonade.

Stay tuned for the update photos.

Thanks for looking.

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Tamiya Jordan 191, Part III

Over the Christmas break, i have been able to make some good progress on the Jordan.  Though, the decals have been giving me fits.

For a certain part of the car, i have had to resort to painting on the color rather then using the decal.  When i applied the decal, it became hard to re-position and it cracked.  That was that.


It became to far gone to salvage, so i took the whole decal off and painted the area instead.  The blue does not quite match up to the blue of the decal, but it is on a part of the model that is not very visible.

Decal softener would have helped, but i had run out.  I will have to make a trip to the hobby shop sometime.


I have started to work on the engine and a few other parts that go under the cowling, but nothing really to show yet.

So far, i am pleased with the results.  Yes, the decals have been somewhat disappointing (some came off the paper already cracked), but i have been able to manage so far.  At times, you just have to adapt and improvise.

With another week in my Christmas holiday to go, i hope to have the cockpit and chassis put together and the engine in place as well.

Photos taken with the X10.

Thanks for looking.

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Coming Together

It has been a while since i posted the first progress report on my Jordan 191.  Since then, i have been able to take a few hours out of the day during the weekend to work on it a bit.

I have been somewhat slowed down by cutting out the decals.  I like to trim off the excess decal “film” around the edges of the decals so that it looks more like part of the paint job.


There really is no rush to complete this car, but i do want to be able to be consistent in it’s building.  I am thinking through every step before i move forward so that i can forsee any hurdles that i may encounter.  “Dry fitting” parts and even decals, is a good way to go.


The first yellow decal that you can see on the inside of the wheel, was somewhat of a challenge to place just so.  This set of decals seems to be a bit thin and some have already cracked when placing them on the model.  However, i was able to hide the crack as best i could by overlapping the pieces a little.


I am hoping to take a few hours this weekend to continue the build and make more progress.

Photos taken with the X10 at f/4.0 and ISO 400.

Thanks for looking.

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Tamiya Jordan 191, 1/24th Scale

I have had the Tamiya Jordan 191 sitting up on a shelf in it’s box for the past three years, gathering dust.  For various reasons, i finally got to opening the box and started to build it a few weekends ago.

I was somewhat apprehensive in starting this kit because i had not done a build in quite some time.    Though, after cutting off a few pieces from the sprue and doing some painting, i was able to shake off the rust.


I have not done much more then what has been photoed here.  I have managed to put two coats of paint on the pieces shown and have applied some of the decals.


For painting, i am using a brush.  It’s a bit of a challenge to cover a large area with a brush, but you just have to plan ahead.


I hope to get more done this weekend, but i am not in any real hurry.  This Jordan F1 car will be a great addition to my collection.


Thanks for looking.

New Category: Tamiya Model Cars

During the winter months, i don’t go out that much to take photos, especially on cloudy days like today.  Therefore, i decided that i needed another way to practice my photography aside from going outside.  This is where the idea of a new category came to mind.

I have been building plastic model kits for 30 plus years now and in the last ten years, my favorite subject has become race cars.

Before my passion for building race cars came about, i was passionate about military aircraft and armor.  However, knowing what those machines can do, i decided i wanted to concentrate on a subject that was more peaceful and less destructive.  Furthermore, i was far more attracted to all the vibrant colors that were to be found on race cars.

For model cars, i always choose Tamiya.  In my opinion, they are the most detailed, accurate and best fitting kits around.  Every time i purchase a kit, i know what to expect.  Never have i been disappointed with a Tamiya kit.

After finally starting to build a kit that had been lying around for 3 years, i thought why not start a new category for my blog and document the build.  Not only will this allow me to use my camera, but i will also be able show off a hobby of mine.

Here are some of the builds that i have done over the years:



I build all my cars stock, meaning i only use the parts that are provided to me in the kit.  Though, i don’t always follow the paint scheme, especially for the body of the car.  The Toyota below should be plain red, but i instead used metallic red.




This Ferrari F40 is over 20 years old and was the first car i used an air brush on.



Another car where i deviated from the prescribed paint job.  I hand painted this one. No air brush or spray can.


I got this car for one of my birthdays.  Instead of white, i used pearl white.  There is a lot of detail under the body of most of these cars, but i don’t like handling them to much.  The risk of breaking something heightens and the acid from your fingers is not good for the paint or decals.



This Ferrari Enzo was the most difficult build out of all the cars i have built.  Just the number of parts was daunting itself.


All the photos here were taken with the X10 at f/4 and ISO 800.  I set the white balance manually.

In my next post, i will reveal what i have done so far in my build of my latest project.

Thanks for looking