The Audience

I recently travelled to Toronto and ended up at the Rogers Centre to do some sightseeing.  I have been to this part of town many times before and yet, I still find myself taking photos of all the different structures in the area.

One particular feature of the surrounding area that has always caught my eye is this sculpture:


As it turns out, this is a sculpture by Michael Snow, called, “The Audience”.  It was installed in 1989 and depicts baseball fans in various states of celebration.

You can find Michael Snow’s work all around Toronto – he is a Toronto native-, even in the Eaton Center.

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Exploring The Unknown

It seems that we discover “new” parts of Montreal each year.  Rene Levesque park was one of those new parts that we uncovered this summer.

Photos taken with the Nikon D2x/Nikkor 70-300mm VR G and the Olympus TG3.

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I Just Had To

Sometimes, you are walking along and you come across an object or a scene that you just have to take a photo of.  That is what happened to me on Saturday.

I don’t consider the two objects that i took photos of in any way special, but they certainly gained my attention.  They were very dominating while sitting in front of a hotel in Old Montreal.



Don’t let the moment escape you.  If you feel that urge to take a photo of something, do it.  It may not turn out to be the best photo you have ever taken; but if you don’t take it, you may regret later on.

Who dares wins.

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Garden Of Tranquility

The garden next to Saint Joseph’s Oratory is open to the public and features the stations of the cross.

It’s an extremely tranquil place to be if you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in the city.  It offers the peace & quiet that let’s you meditate in order to de-stress and get ready for the new week ahead of you.

The garden is far more serene during the summer months when the trees have all their leafs and all the flowers are in full bloom.  The leafs offer a natural barrier against any of the residual noise coming from the city, which is only just a few hundred yards away, making the garden that much more peaceful.

Who dares wins.

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On St. Jean’s day last Wednesday, we went to Parc Jean Drapeau to have a picnic.  While i was there, i decided to take some greyscale photo’s of the sculpture known as, “L’Homme”. AJMP5098

These photos were taken with the X-Pro1 and the XF 27mm f/2.8.

AJMP5099 AJMP5100 Thanks for looking. ©, All Rights Reserved


Driving along Shelburne Road just south of Burlington, we came across this.


Very odd indeed.  Though, a great way to recycle old fire hydrants.

Can you guess what municipal service was across the street from this “sculpture”?

That’s right, the municipal fire department.

Photo taken with the Fuji X10 out of the open window of our car.  ISO -400, 1/200, f/8.

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The Statue Of Liberty, NYC

It’s an icon, it’s a piece of history, it’s a beacon of freedom, it is New York.  Aside from perhaps the American flag itself, there is really no other symbol that represents freedom & liberty better, then the Statue of Liberty.



All photos taken with the X-Pro1 and the 35mm.



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