A Little Bit Of Downtown

What amazing weather we are having this weekend.  It may have been hot and sunny, but there was a nice wind today to somewhat cool you off.

Along with the great weather, i had a wonderful day with my daughter.  We went for a little walk downtown, had a bite to eat (McDonald’s) and spent some time in church.

X1000389 X1000392 X1000394

I bought the X100T along and managed to fit it in my belt bag.  No camera bag required.

X1000395 X1000396

Along with the camera, i also brought along a spare battery and SD card.  All of this fit into my belt bag, along with my camera.

It really is awesome to be able to carry an APS-C camera with you, without a bulky camera bag to lug around.

X1000397 X1000399

It was really nice to have a leisurely walk with my daughter.  It was nice to hear that she had all sorts of questions about what we saw around us.  She was also quite impressed at how tall PVM was.

X1000401 X1000403 X1000405

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On St. Jean’s day last Wednesday, we went to Parc Jean Drapeau to have a picnic.  While i was there, i decided to take some greyscale photo’s of the sculpture known as, “L’Homme”. AJMP5098

These photos were taken with the X-Pro1 and the XF 27mm f/2.8.

AJMP5099 AJMP5100 Thanks for looking. © d7100shooter.wordpress.com, All Rights Reserved

Sugaring Off

This weekend, we took advantage of the “warmer” weather.  I say “warmer”, because it was not negative 28 degrees Celsius outside and there was no wind chill factor that would bring the temperature down to something even more unbearable.

With the “warmer” weather and it being March break for the kids, we decided that it would be nice to top off the March break with a visit to the sugar shack.

One aspect of these sugaring off places that i like, is the fact that you get a feeling of being in another time period.  You have the horses pulling the sleigh and the buildings have that old, run-down, weathered look.  To top it off, it is all set in the woods, giving you that rustic feeling of a time gone by.

In order to go along with that theme, i converted some of the photos i took into greyscale.

AJMP4295 copy AJMP4308 copy

I first ran these photos (they were color to begin with and converting from color to greyscale is the best way to go) through NX2 to sharpen them up a bit.  I also boosted the contrast and color as desired.

AJMP4311 copy AJMP4319 copy

After putting them through NX2, i brought them into Photoshop Elements one by one to convert them into greyscale.  After converting them, i proceeded to put a thin black border around them.

I must admit, i am starting to like the black border around my photos.  However, Photoshop does seem to somewhat crop the photo when  applying the border around the photo.  I have just started to do this, so perhaps i might not be doing something right.

AJMP4330 copy

I used a preset in Photoshop to do the conversion to greyscale.  I do tend to like greyscale photos that are slightly more contrasty, but i wanted to retain as much detail as possible in these photos.

AJMP4342 copy

It was a great afternoon of being outdoors and eating great food.  Now, aside from processing the photos, i have to think of ways to burn of the calories.

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First Actuation’s Of 2015

We always go to church on the first or second day of the new year and this year was no different.

Today, Mother Nature decided that she would give us a taste of winter, finally.  It was around -9 degrees Celsius; but with the wind, it felt more like -17.  Despite the cold, the sun was out, which made for a beautiful day.

Standing on the upper deck of St. Josephs to take this panorama was very cold.  The wind was very strong and it was hard to keep steady.

I took 8 vertical shots and stitched them together.  I had to cut off more then i wanted to at the bottom because i caught the tops of some people standing on the lower deck.

Saint Joseph's Oratory

I chose to do these photos in greyscale because i have photographed St. Joseph’s in color many times before.  I used the monochrome film simulation with red filter and shot in RAW.

Saint Joseph's Oratory

I processed all the files in-camera and as needed, i pushed or pulled the exposure.

Saint Joseph's Oratory

One thing that i did differently while taking these photos, is that i used spot metering instead of the usual multi metering that i use.  This, however, did present a problem when i was focusing on a very brightly lite subject.  Though, i was able to compensate somewhat by using my exposure compensation dial.

Saint Joseph's Oratory

Saint Joseph's Oratory

Saint Joseph's Oratory

Even though it was cold outside, my camera case kept my camera warm and protected from the harsh wind.

Saint Joseph's Oratory

Saint Joseph's Oratory

We were able to get to the chapel just as the mass was finishing.  It never ceases to amaze me how far people come to visit St. Josephs.  You see license plates from all over Canada and the US.

Saint Joseph's Oratory

The organs in St. Josephs are both very impressive and two of the most beautiful that you can find in Montreal.

Saint Joseph's Oratory

Saint Joseph's Oratory

St. Josephs is an impressive structure.  If you take the full interior tour of the oratory, you will come across some photos of St. Josephs in various stages of construction.

Saint Joseph's Oratory

Saint Joseph's Oratory

Saint Joseph's Oratory

It was fun trying something new.  It was also nice to be able to go out and enjoy some nice weather, even if it was a bit cold.

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Middle Of The Road

I had an idea today to try a different approach to taking photos of streets.  The idea was, instead of standing on one side of the street and taking the photo, to stand in the middle of the street and take the shot.

When i talk about taking a photo of a street, i mean like this:


With the above photo, i am standing in the middle of the road to really show off those converging lines and that is what i like about this type of photo.

Obviously, i don’t advise anyone do to this type of photography on a busy street.  Please don’t put yourself or others at danger.  Find a quite side street, preferably a one way street, and plant yourself in the middle.  I think you will like the converging lines just like i do.

If you can’t make it to the middle of the street safely, you are left to taking the photo from the side of the road:



My initial idea was to go down to Old Montreal where there are all sorts of little side streets, but my daughter was not in the mood to go out.  Therefore, i did these photos in and around my neighborhood.


I experimented with a different greyscale film simulation with these photos.  Usually, i use the film simulation with the Red filter.  This time around, i used the B&W film simulation with the Green filter.

I like to have contrasty greyscale photos with dramatic skies; therefore, i am trying to see which filter gives the best results in those regards, red or green.


I shot all these photos in RAW on the X-Pro1, so i can also make color renditions of them or do whatever i like to them.  I am really liking shooting in RAW now.


As i said before, i really like the converging lines that appear in some of these photos.  I would also like to experiment with diverging lines as well.  In photography, you have to keep experimenting or you will never know.

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A Touch Of Greyscale

As i mentioned in my last post, i shot some photos in RAW today.  I don’t do it very often because i really don’t like sitting down in front of the computer for that long.

However, with the X-Pro1, you don’t have to sit in front of the computer.  You can convert your RAW files in-camera.

As a matter of fact, many people have said that nothing beats the RAW converter that is inside the Fuji X cameras.

Air Canada Jazz

Obviously, you would not want to convert hundreds of files in-camera.  But, if you only have a handful of files to work on, it is very convenient to convert them in-camera.

Westjet Boeing 737

With the in-camera RAW converter, you are able to adjust pretty much everything in the file: sharpness, color, film simulation, exposure, color space, noise, you can push/pull, dynamic range, white balance, white balance shift, highlight tone and shadow tone.

Needless to say, you have a lot of options at your disposal to adjust the photo to your personal taste.

Westjet Boeing 737

With these photos, i changed the film simulation to black & white (red filter) and added some sharpness before converting them to JPEGs.

I will never use Photoshop again to convert to greyscale.  It left some really weird “artifacts” in the final JPEG.

Westjet Boeing 737

I do prefer to have the aircraft in the air for greyscale.  Having the sky as a background, especially with some clouds, gives the photograph a dramatic backdrop.  Today i was out of luck because everyone was taking off from 24R, not 24L where i was.

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Church Of The Gesu, Montreal

On our way to the Just For Laughs festival, we walked by a church that i have always wanted to go inside.  Today, i took the opportunity to walk through the open doors which were inviting people inside.

The church is called “Church Of The Gesu” and is a Roman Catholic church.  It was loosely designed and built after the Church of the Gesu in Rome.

Interestingly enough, the church was supposed to have two bell towers on either side entrance.  However, funds to do so were re-directed to support the College Sainte Marie.


College Sainte Marie was just south of the school (there is a vacant lot behind the church and i assume that is where the school was), but was torn down in 1975.

The Gesu survived the wrecking ball and was restored in 1983.



Construction of the church began in 1864 and it’s doors opened to worshipers on July 10th, 1865.  It was designed by American-Irish Architect, Patrick Keeley.



With it’s vaulted ceilings, which are 75ft above ground level, the Church of the Gesu is the only fully baroque-style church in Montreal.




There are five arches that complete the vaulted ceilings of the church.  The ceiling is adorned with frescoes, which depict the life of Jesus, done by Daniel Muller, an American painter.




The basement of the Gesu is used as an auditorium and is considered one of the oldest cultural venues in Montreal.



As with the photos i took of the inside of St. Patricks, i used an aperture of f/4 (this enabled me to keep my shutter speed above 1/35) and my ISO was set on Auto, 6400 being my ceiling.  All photos were taken at an ISO of 6400.  A black & white film simulation with a red filter was also used.


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