Classic Car Show, Stowe, VT

While down in Vermont, we attended the classic & antique car show that is held in Nichols Field, just off of Route 100 outside of the main village of Stowe.

As we arrived at the field, the heavens closed up and it poured buckets!  Instead of turning around and going back to the hotel, we waited it out for a minutes.  Our patience paid off, because the rain stopped and the sun began to break through.

However, with the proceeding sweltering heat that we then experienced, i think i would have prefered getting drenched!

Photos taken with the Olympus TG3.

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Continuing on from my last post where we visited the first garage at the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum, we made our way across the yard to the second garage.

The second garage holds more contemporary vehicles, which range from the late 1940’s up until the early 1980’s.

In the same garage, there are also exhibits for the train enthusiast, cyclists and a room with hundreds, upon hundreds of diecast models that would make any collector salivate.

All photos taken with the Olympus TG3.

Who dares wins.

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Old Ways Of Getting Around

We had tried visiting the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum ( last fall, but it had already closed up for the season.  So, we went again this weekend to see what it was all about.

If you are a car person, this is the place for you to go and visit.  They have cars dating back to the early 1900’s, all the way up to a home-built 1980’s electric car.

In order for you to see the all the exhibits at the museum, you must take a guided tour – they do not allow you to explore by yourself.

We really enjoyed our guided tour and our tour guide was very informative & engaging.

These photos are from the museum’s first garage.  The cars in the first garage date from the early 1900’s to the early 1940’s.

If you get a chance to visit the museum, do so.  It really is worth the price of admission.

All photos taken by the Olympus TG3.

Who dares wins.

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Rewinding To 2011


While i was going through all my folders of photographs today, i came across some photos of the NASCAR cars when they were here in 2011.

Back in 2011, i had just bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D3000.  2011 was also the year that i became serious about photography.

During that year, i can remember taking photos of just about anything, something i think every amateur does.  Whether it was a cup sitting on the kitchen table or a bird high up in a tree, i had a thirst to use my camera and learn.

I must say, in the last 5 years i have learnt a tremendous amount and i have an abundance more to learn.  The way i see it, photography is a never ending learning experience.

In regards to cars, i have learnt to like taking photographs of them, learning to get closer into some of the details of the car itself, rather then simply taking a photo of the whole car.

Five years on, i am happy to say that i still have the same zeal to go out and take photographs; though, hopefully better ones.

Who dares wins.

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In front of the Planet Hollywood in Niagara Falls, Ontario, you will find some run down movie stars.

No, i am not talking about Stallone.  Rather, you will find some run down replicas of  cars that have appeared in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies.

Holiday 2015 106Holiday 2015 107

They have certainly seen better days.  The Canadian winters have taken a toll on these vehicles and i am sure that wildlife has taken refuge in them at certain points in time.

Holiday 2015 108Holiday 2015 109

Photos taken with the X-Pro1 and the XF 18-135mm.

Who dares wins.

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Cool Cars of Kingston

In our brief stay in Kingston coming back from Niagara, we came across a little car show not far from our hotel.

We had just come back from a small errand and i did not have my camera with me; therefore, i used my mobile phone for these shots.

WP_20150827_18_37_24_Pro WP_20150827_18_38_09_Pro

I do believe that the A&W that was just next door to the parking lot, was sponsoring this evening of cool cars (we grabbed some breakfast there the next morning).

WP_20150827_18_39_46_Pro WP_20150827_18_41_09_Pro

It always amazes me what these guys can do with their old cars.  The time and money that must have gone into them has to be mind boggling.

WP_20150827_18_41_22_Pro WP_20150827_18_41_44_Pro

It was nice to see some fellow Mitsubishi owners there.  I got some ideas now.

WP_20150827_18_43_34_Pro WP_20150827_18_44_08_Pro WP_20150827_18_45_01_Pro WP_20150827_18_46_37_Pro

Judging by how everyone was chatting away, it seems like this little get together happens every week.  Pretty cool way to spend a summer evening in my opinion.

WP_20150827_18_46_58_Pro WP_20150827_18_47_36_Pro WP_20150827_18_48_46_Pro

Despite what you may hear from other people, Kingston is a pretty cool place.

WP_20150827_18_50_09_Pro WP_20150827_18_50_30_Pro WP_20150827_18_52_09_Pro

Thanks for looking.

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