Doing It Manually

I had to go downtown today in order to bring my phone in for repair.  Luckily for me, there was one day left on the warranty!  Thank goodness for that.  Now i have this dorky little LG loaner phone for the next few weeks.

Seeing as though i was going downtown and have not been for a while, i brought along the camera to have a little photo walk.

I decided to attach the Canon 50mm f/1.8 FDn lens to the X-Pro1 because i have not really had a lot of practice with it.  I did bring along my 18-135 as well, but it stayed in my camera bag the whole time.  I was just having to much fun using the 50mm.

Of course, being a Canon FDn lens, it is mounted onto the X-Pro1 via an adapter, which means that focusing is done manually.  This really is not a big issue, since i can use focus check to make sure i have a sharp image.

I shot most of the photos at ISO 200 and at an aperture of f/8 or f/11.  The photos that i took inside the church, were done at ISO 2000 at an aperture of f/2.8.

Surprisingly, i got the hang of manually focusing the lens quite fast.  The focus ring is very smooth and has just the right amount of play in it; therefore, fine tuning the focus was not difficult to do.  Of course, when you are manually focusing, it does take a bit more time.

I really do like how the lens renders colors.  It certainly has a very different “feel” to it compared to that of my Fujinon lenses.  Despite it not being one of Canon’s best lenses, you really can’t go wrong with the 50mm FDn.

Who dares wins.

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Some Grab Shots Before Going Home

On my photo walk down at the Old Port on Saturday, i went around in one big circle.

I started off in front of Notre Dame, walked down to the parking lot, turned right, went across the canal at the locks, walked through the park, went across to the old grain elevators, walked along the dirt road there and ended back at where i first crossed the canal.

Okay, so not really a circle, but it felt like i was going around in one.

On my way up to the business district to take care of some stuff at PVM, i took some grab shots.



I kept my camera set to the Classic Chrome film simulation.  Walking along, these are the scenes that caught my eye.



These days, i always find myself looking around the environment i am in, because you never know what photo opportunities there are to be had unless you are aware of your environment.


Thanks for looking.

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Four Stack

I took a little walk in the neighborhood today and came across this church.

These days, when i go out, i always carry my X10 with me.  It fits perfectly into my jacket pocket.  Along with the camera, i carry a spare battery as well.

Since i did not want to have ugly telegraph poles in my photo, i stood on the sidewalk to take the photo.  But, despite the X10 having a wide angle lens, i could not get the whole front of the church in the shot.  What to do??

Well, the solution to that, is to take a vertical panorama.  I did this by taking 4 exposures, each overlapping about 30%.  A good overlap is advisable in order for the software to stitch your photos together nicely.


When i stitched the photos together in Photoshop Elements, the software asked me if i wanted it to “fill” the edges.  When it asks you to do this, say no if your edges have detail in them.

If you do have detail in your edges, like you see on the left and right edges of the photo below, the software is not “smart” enough to make that “fill” nice and smooth/uniform.  If it’s just clear sky in the background, you won’t have a problem.


This vertical panorama took me under a minute…  well, it took the software and my new laptop under a minute to stitch together.  This is how my workflow has become so much easier.

Thanks for looking.

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The Big “Owe”, AKA: The Olympic Stadium

I was told by somebody, ahem, Asawa…. that there were some Penguins outside of the Biodome after 5pm this evening.  So, we all moseyed on down to the Big “Owe”; yes, that big white elephant in the East end of Montreal.

For God’s sake, i don’t know how many times the media has told us that the Olympic Stadium has finally been paid off.  Just the other week was the last time i heard it.  Over the past 10 years, i have heard at least two reports about having paid it off.  So, my question is, have we paid off this goddamn thing already??  Only in Quebec.

Of course, when we got to where the Penguins were supposed to be, there were no Penguins.  I am assuming that they were all deep in a fish dinner comma.  Oh well, it did not stop me from taking out the camera to take some photos, even of the ground – you will see which one that is.

Below photos taken with X-Pro1/35mm.














Little Sunday Afternoon Stroll

It is such a beautiful day here in Montreal.  Wonderful, clear blue skies, with just a bit of wind.  The temperature itself is not that cold.  But when you factor in the wind chill, it goes down to about negative 21 degrees Celsius.

Walking around for a bit, it was good to warm up with a scrumptious hamburger and fries.







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