The Notch

If you ever get a chance to drive through the Notch, do it!  But beware, the Notch is closed from mid-October to mid-May and it is closed to motorcoaches, motorhomes and commercial vehicles year round.

What makes it worthwhile?  Well, the scenery for starters.  Furthermore, it’s simply a cool experience, threading your car in between Mount Mansfield and Spruce peak, as well as the Sterling Range.

There are some very steep inclines and at some points along the route, you have to think skinny because only one car can pass at a time.

At various spots along the route, you can park your car on the side of the road or in designated parking areas in order to take in the scenery.

Photos taken with the Olympus TG3.

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Coaticook Gorge

Scenes from Coaticook Gorge, Quebec.  If you go, don’t forget to make a stop at the ice cream factory, which is a few minutes away from the gorge.

Photos taken with the Olympus TG3.

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Classic Car Show, Stowe, VT

While down in Vermont, we attended the classic & antique car show that is held in Nichols Field, just off of Route 100 outside of the main village of Stowe.

As we arrived at the field, the heavens closed up and it poured buckets!  Instead of turning around and going back to the hotel, we waited it out for a minutes.  Our patience paid off, because the rain stopped and the sun began to break through.

However, with the proceeding sweltering heat that we then experienced, i think i would have prefered getting drenched!

Photos taken with the Olympus TG3.

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Nice Swimming Hole

While down in Vermont, we came across a nice little State park in Waterbury.  It really was a relief to find, seeing as it was quite a hot day.

You can’t go very far with your car (at least not from the entrance we came in by); but i would imagine if you went out on a canoe, you could explore miles of water.

There are changing facilities at the park, as well as picnic areas.  Most importantly, the water feels great!!

Photos taken with the Olympus TG3.

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Four Storeys Underground

“The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking… the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind.  If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker.”

– Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist


Photo taken with the Olympus TG3.

Who dares wins.

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