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Photo taken with the X-Pro1 and the XF 18-135mm.

Who dares wins.

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A Little Bit Of Downtown

What amazing weather we are having this weekend.  It may have been hot and sunny, but there was a nice wind today to somewhat cool you off.

Along with the great weather, i had a wonderful day with my daughter.  We went for a little walk downtown, had a bite to eat (McDonald’s) and spent some time in church.

X1000389 X1000392 X1000394

I bought the X100T along and managed to fit it in my belt bag.  No camera bag required.

X1000395 X1000396

Along with the camera, i also brought along a spare battery and SD card.  All of this fit into my belt bag, along with my camera.

It really is awesome to be able to carry an APS-C camera with you, without a bulky camera bag to lug around.

X1000397 X1000399

It was really nice to have a leisurely walk with my daughter.  It was nice to hear that she had all sorts of questions about what we saw around us.  She was also quite impressed at how tall PVM was.

X1000401 X1000403 X1000405

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On St. Jean’s day last Wednesday, we went to Parc Jean Drapeau to have a picnic.  While i was there, i decided to take some greyscale photo’s of the sculpture known as, “L’Homme”. AJMP5098

These photos were taken with the X-Pro1 and the XF 27mm f/2.8.

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Dramatic Clouds

Tonight, i spent a bit of time outside on the balcony watching the clouds roll in.  We were supposed to have a thunderstorm, bul.p.t it has not materialized yet.

However, i did notice that there was some pretty impressive cloud formations in the sky.  Seeing these formations, i went inside and grabbed my camera.


These cloud formations as you see them here, were quite impressive.  But, i wanted to make them more dramatic.

I thought about keeping the photos in color, but i thought i would get more of a dramatic feel if i converted the photos into black & white.


Though these cloud formations look menacing, we still have not had a drop of rain or a clap of thunder for that matter.

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Sugaring Off

This weekend, we took advantage of the “warmer” weather.  I say “warmer”, because it was not negative 28 degrees Celsius outside and there was no wind chill factor that would bring the temperature down to something even more unbearable.

With the “warmer” weather and it being March break for the kids, we decided that it would be nice to top off the March break with a visit to the sugar shack.

One aspect of these sugaring off places that i like, is the fact that you get a feeling of being in another time period.  You have the horses pulling the sleigh and the buildings have that old, run-down, weathered look.  To top it off, it is all set in the woods, giving you that rustic feeling of a time gone by.

In order to go along with that theme, i converted some of the photos i took into greyscale.

AJMP4295 copy AJMP4308 copy

I first ran these photos (they were color to begin with and converting from color to greyscale is the best way to go) through NX2 to sharpen them up a bit.  I also boosted the contrast and color as desired.

AJMP4311 copy AJMP4319 copy

After putting them through NX2, i brought them into Photoshop Elements one by one to convert them into greyscale.  After converting them, i proceeded to put a thin black border around them.

I must admit, i am starting to like the black border around my photos.  However, Photoshop does seem to somewhat crop the photo when  applying the border around the photo.  I have just started to do this, so perhaps i might not be doing something right.

AJMP4330 copy

I used a preset in Photoshop to do the conversion to greyscale.  I do tend to like greyscale photos that are slightly more contrasty, but i wanted to retain as much detail as possible in these photos.

AJMP4342 copy

It was a great afternoon of being outdoors and eating great food.  Now, aside from processing the photos, i have to think of ways to burn of the calories.

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