Crossing That Bridge…

On the most part, you don’t cross the Canadian/US border by foot, at least i have never experienced it before.  However, when you visit Niagara Falls, you can do just that.  All you need is 0.50 cents and your passport.

In order to get over to the US, you have to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  Before accessing the bridge, you have to pay a toll, which is 0.50 cents.  Once you are on the bridge, you only come across US Customs when you are on the other side and actually on US soil, despite the fact that the “border” runs right through the middle of the bridge.

You can get some fantastic views from The Rainbow Bridge.  It’s great to be able to look straight up to the falls.  Hang on to your camera though, the water will be quick to claim it and not give it back.

Coming back over to Canada, there was no toll to pay.  Though, the line was somewhat long and their was only one border agent on duty, so it did take a while to get back in.

If you get the chance to cross The Rainbow Bridge, don’t hesitate to do it.  It is somewhat of a unique experience.

All photos taken with the Fuji X100T.

Who dares wins.

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Fort Erie, Ontario

Our final destination on our Southern Ontario road trip last summer, was Fort Erie.  I suppose we could have pushed on further, but we had enough of driving at that point.

We really did not explore the town of Fort Erie much, opting to go directly to the fort (reconstructed) of Fort Erie.

Unfortunately, we arrived just before closing time and they were not really taking anymore visitors.

Well, i did not go all that way to not see Fort Erie.  So, i pleaded with the young lady at the front desk and she proceeded to let us in to visit for 15 minutes.

Though 15 minutes is not a long time to explore such a site, i was at least able to get some decent photos of the grounds.

Next time Fort Erie.

All photos taken with the Fuji X100T.

Who dares wins.

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Legoland… Again.

I can’t avoid it.

Every time we go to Toronto, my daughter wants to go to Legoland, despite the fact that she has already visited.  I like Lego as well, so going again is not all that bad.

Be prepared to lay out some money though.  Aside from the admission, you are no doubt going to end up buying a Lego kit as you exit; after all, they make you exit through the Lego store.  Smart.

Holiday 2015 068 (2)Holiday 2015 069 (2)

If you don’t recognize it, these downtown scenes made of Lego, are of downtown Toronto.  It’s quite impressive seeing it up close like this.  You can really get a sense of the hard work that has gone into building these scenes.

Holiday 2015 070 (2)Holiday 2015 071 (2)Holiday 2015 072 (2)Holiday 2015 073 (2)

Seeing as the new Star Wars movie was right around the corner at the time we visited, they had built some scenes with the new line of Star Wars Lego sets.

Holiday 2015 075 (2)Holiday 2015 076 (2)

At one point, my daughter and I sat down to take a rest and we built our own creations.  Below is a photo of my creation.  Pretty good right?

Holiday 2015 079 (2)

Below is a photo of the activity area in Legoland.  This is where my daughter and I sat down to take a load of our feet.

Holiday 2015 081 (2)

All photos taken with the X100T.

Who dares wins.

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Sorry, I Could Not Fall In Love With You…

But i always say, one’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party

– Andy Warhol

I used the X100T for about half a year.  But, as much as i tried, i just could not connect with it as i have done with my X10 and Xpro-1.  For me, there is a love relation with those two cameras.  I just could not fall in love with the X100T.

Don’t get my wrong, it’s a beautiful camera and produces wonderful files.  It is at the top of the heap of Fujifilm’s compact cameras.  Nothing compares.  However, i was unable to manage a personal connection with it and i believe that any photographer needs to develop that “connection” with their camera.

Like a hammer or a drill or a circular saw, a camera is a tool in it’s function.  You use it to perform but one thing: take a photograph.  With any tool, you have to develop a certain “comfort zone” with it, where you can instinctively operate it without second thought.

Whether or not it was because i did not spend enough time with it, i started to quickly realize that i was never going to develop a rapport with the X100T.  It just never felt right in my hands.

Aside from the above realization, having three cameras was somewhat ridiculous.  I only have two hands and even though i could, i was not going to start using two cameras simultaneously.  However, i can certainly bring two with me, one as backup.  Sadly, one was always being left at home.  It really did not make sense.

A few months ago, i started to think about what i was going to do with the X100T.  Was i going to try and fall in love with it? Or should i simply try to find it a new home?  After some internal debate with myself, i finally decided that it was time to move on and break-up with my X100T.

It was not the easiest decision to make, seeing that i had lusted after having an X100 of some flavor being in my arsenal.  Though, in the end, it only made sense to sell the X100T when i did.  I was certainly not going to get any money for my X10 or X-Pro1 and i did not, by any means, want to be without an ILC.  The duo of the X10 and X-Pro1 made far more sense.

It’s a bit scary selling something valuable on the internet, but i knew exactly where i could find someone who would give my X100T a great new home, so off i went to a Fuji forum that i sometimes frequent.

After only a day, a wedding photographer from Ohio came across my ad and he was looking to get an X100T for his casual, everyday camera.  After i bit of back and forth, i finalized the sale and now my X100T is down in Ohio.

Me, my X10 and X-Pro1 are doing just fine.

Who dares wins.

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Fort Henry, Kingston, Ontario

Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario, is a major attraction for anyone visiting the city.

Fort Henry sits atop a hill on a peninsula that juts out into the St. Lawrence river.  The fort sits on a strategic location and was used to protect the Kingston Royal Naval Dockyards during the War of 1812.

In the 1830’s, the original fort was replaced by a much larger installation – what you see today – and was again used to protect the naval dockyard, as well as the southern entrance of the Rideau Canal.

During the 1930’s, the fort was restored and remains a major tourist attraction.


Aside from the historical importance of this site, going up to Fort Henry is going to offer you a great view of the St. Lawrence River and the city of Kingston.

When you do get up to the fort, the parking is free and you can walk around the grounds at your leisure – you do have to pay to get into the main area of the fort itself.


The day we went, it was hotter than inside an oven, hotter then a snakes ass in a wagon wheel’s rut, hotter…. well, you get the idea.  It was just hot.  Not to many places around to get shade.  I did feel sorry for the guys and gals who were dressed up in costume and doing the reenactments.


Below is a great view of the downtown area of Kingston.  The body of water that you see at the right of the photo, just beyond the trees, is Navy Bay.


Another view of Navy Bay.  The land that you see on the other side of the bay, is where the Royal Military College of Canada is located.


Below is a view looking out onto the St. Lawrence River.  The bit of land you see at the left, is Cedar Island.


If you do end up in Kingston, Ontario, don’t miss out on Fort Henry.  If it’s during the summer, bring a hat for shade and a bottle of water.


Who dares wins.

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Fright Night

Continuing on with the theme of photos from October, you can’t have an October without photos from Halloween.

Last year, Halloween night was particularly warm, as well as absent of many people.


It was quite strange being out on Halloween night and being part of only a handful of people.  We went out at the same time as we always have done, so it was a weird feeling to not see to many other people.


There were also less houses giving out goodies.  I suppose less people were in the spirit.


Despite the lack of people and the fact that less houses were giving out goodies, there was still an abundance of decorations to be seen.


This was my favorite decoration out of all of them.  All of that orange showed up really well on the black background.


Even though Halloween night was not as “festive” as it has been in past years, it was still a good night to be out in the neighborhood.

Who dares wins.

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