In The Middle Of Nowhere

During our summer tour of the Eastern Townships, we made a stop at a farm that grew sunflowers in the hopes of seeing fields of beautiful, radiant sunflowers.

But, it was not to be.  We were too late.  The sunflowers had long since wilted or had just plain dried up.  However, there was plenty of beautiful scenery to be seen and photographed.

I kid you not, it was so quiet at this farm, that you could hear the leaves rustle in the light breeze that was going over the fields.  The silence was only broken by the occasional car going by.

Photos taken with the Fuji X10.

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Inside Sainte Anne de Beaupre Basilica

Photos taken with the Fuji X10 using ETTR (Exposure To The Right) in order to not blow the highlights; therefore, being able to see the colors and patterns of the stained glass.

Once again, the little X10 amazes me with what it can produce, with such a small sensor.

Who dares wins.

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Andrew Haydon Park, Ottawa

In life, you sometimes do slightly crazy things, such as driving nearly 3 hours just to get a Christmas gift.  That is what we did last weekend.

Build A Bear was having a sale, so we decided to go down to Ottawa for the day to take advantage of the good deal they were having.

DSCF5850 DSCF5851

On our way back home, we stopped at Andrew Haydon park to have a picnic.  While there, we experienced the first cool air of fall as we sat in the shade.  Out in the sun, it was not to bad.  But it was definitely a day for a sweater.


From the amount of geese we saw, this park is obviously a pit stop for them as they make their way down south.  If you have never been around geese, you have to be careful where you step.  They crap all over the place.

DSCF5853 DSCF5854

Aside from all the geese and ducks that were present, many people started to arrive to have a Sunday picnic just as we were doing.  It certainly seems to be a popular place for locals to spend a nice day at.

DSCF5862 DSCF5869

This duck seemed to be very lonely, sitting all by himself out on a piece of wood in the water.

DSCF5871 DSCF5873

There were quite a few chipmunks scurrying around.  They move ever so fast and are extremely agile when jumping from one spot to another.


It was indeed a great day for sailing.  The sky was clear and there was plenty of wind to be had.


The afternoon was relaxing and it was nice to spend some time outside, in a peaceful setting.

Thanks for looking.

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