Road Trips Are A Release

When it all seems to be closing in on you, you sometimes need to take a deep breath and re-focus. Short road trips do that for me.

This past weekend, we made our way down the 401 and then turned off onto the Long Sault Parkway.

It was certainly a change of scenery, island hoping for some miles, instead of staring at boring highway.

We then headed North, up to Ottawa and had lunch at a wonderful little cafe in the Gleeb.

Shopping was next on the menu – I will talk about that in another post. We then made our way to a beautiful park on the Ottawa River.

Of course, no road trip is complete without a camera. It matters not what camera you have, whether it be your phone, a point & shoot or a DSLR, what matters is that you can capture moments that you can hold onto.

I brought along my D2x and was able to photograph some nice scenes; though, the best scenes had my wife and daughter in them. And that’s what it’s all about: spending time with your loved ones.

Photo taken woth the Nikon D2x and the Nikkor 24-85mm VR G.
©, All Rights Reserved


It’s Been Awhile

In Montreal, it is fall once again, a time for the seasons to change and for the days to get shorter.

Reds and oranges come out to take over the lush, green landscape we have been used to, but don’t mind saying farewell to – at least for a while.

One can not resist the urge to go out and enjoy the cool temperatures and crisp air, all to see the light dance on the fiery colors of autumn.

It’s my favourite season of the year.

The contrast of blue skies with the brilliance of October’s shedding of summer’s greenery, the crunch of leafs under your feet, the imminence of white blankets over our land.

Fall brings me happiness and with this, I hope to make a new begining with my blog.

Photo taken with the Nikon D2x and the Nikkor 24-85mm VR G.

©, All Rights Reserved

The Audience

I recently travelled to Toronto and ended up at the Rogers Centre to do some sightseeing.  I have been to this part of town many times before and yet, I still find myself taking photos of all the different structures in the area.

One particular feature of the surrounding area that has always caught my eye is this sculpture:


As it turns out, this is a sculpture by Michael Snow, called, “The Audience”.  It was installed in 1989 and depicts baseball fans in various states of celebration.

You can find Michael Snow’s work all around Toronto – he is a Toronto native-, even in the Eaton Center.

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Concorde At JFK

I have only ever seen Concorde twice.  Once at Mirabel when I was either on my way to England or coming back to Montreal, I don’t quite remember.  Taking an international flight to/from Mirabel should give you a good indication of how long ago it was.

The second time I saw Concorde, was at New York’s JFK airport while on my way to Tokyo.

When I took this photo, I was not yet using digital; therefore, this was taken on 35mm film.  I scanned the negative with my camera to get it into a digital format.

Concorde was always an awesome sight to see.  If you’re wondering, compared to regular commercial airliners, Concorde was not very big.

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The Long Road Ahead

It always fascinates me seeing how long some freight trains are.  Some seem to go on for miles and most probably do in some instances.

I always imagine what they may be carrying: Food? Furniture? Cars? Raw materials?  In reality, it could be anything.

Though, I don’t much like freight trains when I’m caught at a crossing, waiting for it to go past.  It can be a long wait.


The photo was taken with my LG G5.

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One Type Down, Many More To Go

I love flying.  I’m an admitted aviation geek.  I’m plane crazy.

When I do get the chance to fly, I always make it a point to see if I can possibly fly a type of aircraft that I have never flown on before.

I have flown on Boeings, Airbuses, Lockheeds, Cessnas, British Aircraft Corporation aircraft, Embraers, and Bombardiers.

In regards to Boeing, I had yet to fly aboard a 737; therefore, when I had a chance to fly aboard one on a recent trip, I was quite pleased.

I always ask for a window seat, of course.

These photos were taken with my LG G5.

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St. Joseph’s By Night

St. Joseph’s Oratory has always been an interesting subject for me to photograph.  It’s dominating presence can only truly be appreciated once one is up close to it, only then will you be able to truly appreciate it’s large than life architecture.

By night, it is no less impressive to see it under the light of the moon, as well as in the light that floods over it, from spotlights strategically placed around the grounds.


The photograph was taken with my LG G5.

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