About That Shopping…


The photo above was taken from Hopple Island, one of the islands that you cross over while driving on the Long Sault Parkway.  

As I had mentioned in a previous post, once we had finished our little adventure on the Long Sault Parkway, we made our way north to Ottawa.

When we do go to Ottawa, we always incorporate a little bit of shopping while there.  We don’t go crazy or spend all that much while there, but we do like to go to certain stores that you can’t find here in Montreal such as, The Disney store and Build A Bear.

Here’s a little tip:  If you do end up going to Ottawa on the weekend, there are municipal parking lots that have free parking on the weekends.  There is one on Slater St., which puts you in downtown Ottawa and only a few minutes walk from anything.

Before heading off to Bayshore Mall, we decided to park downtown and take a little stroll around to stretch our legs and grab a coffee.  As we made our way up Bank Street, we “accidentally” ended up in front of a camera shop.

Actually, as you can imagine, it was no accident.  I had it planned all along but kept it to myself.  As my daughter would say, “It’s a dad store and not interesting.”  Therefore, I have to come up with creative ways to go to my kind of store with the family.

Prior to going to Ottawa, I had been searching for a second Nikon body for a few weeks.  I had my heart set on either a Nikon D200 or a Nikon D300.  At one point, I came across a Nikon D200 on a local shops website; but before I could get to the shop to take a look at it, it was sold.  My searched continued.

A few days after finding out that the Nikon D200 at my local store had sold, I came across another Nikon D200 on Henrys.com.  Though it was only rated at an 8 out of 10 and before buying it, I really wanted to check it out.  But how could I do that if my only option was to buy it online?

Out of curiosity, I checked to see what store the Nikon D200 was at and to my surprise, it was sitting at the Henrys store on Bank Street, in Ottawa.  The stars were definitely aligned.

I don’t necessarily like going shopping and when I do go shopping, I know what I want.  I am in and out of stores quite quickly.  The staff is probably left scratching their heads, wondering how I made up my mind so fast.  Going into Henrys that day was no different.

I went in, asked to see the camera, tried it out, then bought it.  I think I set a record.

If you’re wondering about the rest of the family, everyone else bought a little something at their favorite store.  No one was left out and we all had a great day during our family outing.

In regards to the Nikon D200, I have only taken some test shots with it and have not been able to really put it through its paces.  Once I do have more time with it, I do plan on writing up a review on it.

Photo was taken with the Nikon D2x and the Nikon 24-85 VR G.

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