Road Trips Are A Release

When it all seems to be closing in on you, you sometimes need to take a deep breath and re-focus. Short road trips do that for me.

This past weekend, we made our way down the 401 and then turned off onto the Long Sault Parkway.

It was certainly a change of scenery, island hoping for some miles, instead of staring at boring highway.

We then headed North, up to Ottawa and had lunch at a wonderful little cafe in the Gleeb.

Shopping was next on the menu – I will talk about that in another post. We then made our way to a beautiful park on the Ottawa River.

Of course, no road trip is complete without a camera. It matters not what camera you have, whether it be your phone, a point & shoot or a DSLR, what matters is that you can capture moments that you can hold onto.

I brought along my D2x and was able to photograph some nice scenes; though, the best scenes had my wife and daughter in them. And that’s what it’s all about: spending time with your loved ones.

Photo taken woth the Nikon D2x and the Nikkor 24-85mm VR G.
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