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Well, after 3 years of posting here on, i have ran out of space to post photos.

Yes, i could upgrade to the Premium Plan; though, seeing as this is more of a hobby for me, i am not sure that i want to sink money into getting more space.  Therefore, i have started a “twin” site, which you can find here: .

There is only one post there so far; but as you know, i am pretty consistent with my posts, so there will be more content there soon.

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In The Middle Of Nowhere

During our summer tour of the Eastern Townships, we made a stop at a farm that grew sunflowers in the hopes of seeing fields of beautiful, radiant sunflowers.

But, it was not to be.  We were too late.  The sunflowers had long since wilted or had just plain dried up.  However, there was plenty of beautiful scenery to be seen and photographed.

I kid you not, it was so quiet at this farm, that you could hear the leaves rustle in the light breeze that was going over the fields.  The silence was only broken by the occasional car going by.

Photos taken with the Fuji X10.

©, All Rights Reserved


The Notch

If you ever get a chance to drive through the Notch, do it!  But beware, the Notch is closed from mid-October to mid-May and it is closed to motorcoaches, motorhomes and commercial vehicles year round.

What makes it worthwhile?  Well, the scenery for starters.  Furthermore, it’s simply a cool experience, threading your car in between Mount Mansfield and Spruce peak, as well as the Sterling Range.

There are some very steep inclines and at some points along the route, you have to think skinny because only one car can pass at a time.

At various spots along the route, you can park your car on the side of the road or in designated parking areas in order to take in the scenery.

Photos taken with the Olympus TG3.

©, All Rights Reserved