Google Nik Collection

By no means am I an expert when it comes to “photoshopping” my photographs; though, in my view, “photoshopping” is somewhat of a derogatory term.  I would prefer calling it photo editing or working in a digital darkroom.

I kept away from any photo editing software for some time when i first started to get serious about photography.  I truly believe that it is paramount that you become well acquainted with your camera first and learn the fundamentals of photography, then become an expert in Photoshop.  These days, i find to many people become “software experts” well before becoming a good photographer.

In the past year or so, i thought it was about time that i started to become somewhat proficient in at least one photo editing software and since i have Photoshop Elements, i began learning different aspects of that software.

At the same time that i was navigating myself around Photoshop, i was thinking of how i could perform some quick edits to my photos and the subject of Nik Collection came up in a Nikon forum that i read sometimes.

As most photographers (amateur and pro alike) know, Nik Collection has been around for a while.  Actually, it has been around since 1995, long before digital cameras became a consumer commodity that we could pick up in our local camera store for a couple of hundred bucks.

Nik Collection is great because it is not an entirely separate software, standing alone and only being able to be used by itself.  Rather, it is a set of plug-ins that, well, “plug-in” to your Adobe product, like Photoshop Elements. In this way, you are simply enhancing the current software that you already use on a daily basis.

Back in March of this year, Google decided to let people download Nik Collection, the entire collection, for free.  Sorry to anyone who actually paid for it months prior to this announcement.

It is still being offered for free.  All you have to do is go to the Nik Collection website and hit download.  That’s it.  (

So far, i have played with all the features in Nik Collection a little, but i am mainly using Color Efex Pro these days.  At first, i over cooked some of my images using Color Efex Pro, but i have learnt along the way to not be so aggressive with some of the sliders.  It’s a learning process like anything else.

For me, i like to use Nik Collection just to put a little more “punch” into my photos.  I am now very careful with the sliders and i think i am getting there in regards to applying a “finish” to my photos that is not obviously over the top.

Nik Collection is certainly a great addition to your photo editing software and enables you to do quick fixes.

Who dares wins.

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