Old Ways Of Getting Around

We had tried visiting the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum (http://cvtmuseum.wix.com/cvt-museum) last fall, but it had already closed up for the season.  So, we went again this weekend to see what it was all about.

If you are a car person, this is the place for you to go and visit.  They have cars dating back to the early 1900’s, all the way up to a home-built 1980’s electric car.

In order for you to see the all the exhibits at the museum, you must take a guided tour – they do not allow you to explore by yourself.

We really enjoyed our guided tour and our tour guide was very informative & engaging.

These photos are from the museum’s first garage.  The cars in the first garage date from the early 1900’s to the early 1940’s.

If you get a chance to visit the museum, do so.  It really is worth the price of admission.

All photos taken by the Olympus TG3.

Who dares wins.

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