The Beast Unleashed

After a week of putzing around my backyard, i finally unleashed the beast to do what he was meant to do.

I put him through his paces at the plane spotting park, using both CL & CH, shooting in NEF & JPEG and using continuous focus.  In all, i took 152 photographs, which was easy to get to when using CH.

Photos have been scaled down from full resolution.  All were shot at f/11 and ISO 400.

Using the D2x with the 70-300mm VR G is a great combination.  The two together makes for a very balanced piece of kit.  They work together very well also, grabbing focus instantaneously.

Probably the best aspect of using the D2x for plane spotting, is the OVF and being able to look through the lens.  The EVF on the X-Pro1 is great; but when you try to use it on a bright sunny day, it’s very difficult to zero in on moving subjects.

Who dares wins.

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