Afternoon Walk

There is nothing like taking a leisurely stroll on a beautiful, sunny day.  What’s even better, is when you bring your camera along and take some photographs as you go along.

If you can take your mind off of the physical part of walking, it never seems as long or as tiring.  Taking photographs along the way, also affords you to take little breaks as you walk.

All photos taken with the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and the Fujinon Xf27mm f/2.8.

Who dares wins.

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Summer Colors

Here are some flowers from our little garden.  I really like these kind of flowers that open up flat like this.  They look like starbursts.

Photos taken with the Fuji X10 in super-macro mode.

Who dares wins.

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The Beast Unleashed

After a week of putzing around my backyard, i finally unleashed the beast to do what he was meant to do.

I put him through his paces at the plane spotting park, using both CL & CH, shooting in NEF & JPEG and using continuous focus.  In all, i took 152 photographs, which was easy to get to when using CH.

Photos have been scaled down from full resolution.  All were shot at f/11 and ISO 400.

Using the D2x with the 70-300mm VR G is a great combination.  The two together makes for a very balanced piece of kit.  They work together very well also, grabbing focus instantaneously.

Probably the best aspect of using the D2x for plane spotting, is the OVF and being able to look through the lens.  The EVF on the X-Pro1 is great; but when you try to use it on a bright sunny day, it’s very difficult to zero in on moving subjects.

Who dares wins.

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Twelve Year Old Technology

The Nikon D2x was announced back in 2004, making it 12 year old technology.  To put it simply, by today’s standards, it’s a dinosaur.

With a 12.2mp sensor – yes, they existed – and a card slot that can only take CF cards, it’s certainly not a camera that many today would look twice at.  They would most likely be turned off by the 2.76 lb weight as well and that is without a lens!

Despite the weight – it’s really no heavier then the D5, today’s iteration of the D2x – and the old technology, it is part of Nikon’s lineage of professional grade DSLRs.  If you are looking for a “bullet proof” camera that’s a workhorse, there really is nothing like a D2, D3, D4 or a D5 – there is a D1, but that is a fossil by today’s standards.

12.2mp??  It is more then enough to offer you very clean files and will also enable you to print quite large.  Honestly, if all you are doing is putting photos up on the net, there is no reason to have anything more.

I have been testing the D2x for the last week around my backyard, but today i was able to put the beast to work.


Photo taken with the Nikon D2x and Nikkor 70-300mm VR G.  Shot at f/11, 1/800 sec., 170mm and ISO 400.

The photo above is scaled down to easily upload to my blog; but when i first looked at the full resolution file, i was blown away at how clean it was.  I really was surprised at how good it was.  For technology that is over a decade old, i really could not have asked for anything more.

I am really pleased with the D2x so far.  It fits in my hand beautifully, grabs focus without fail and produces wonderful files.  I am happy indeed.

Who dares wins.

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Tonight’s Moon

I have been taking many test shots with the D2X in order to get used to it and to fine tune the settings as well.

Tonight, i took on the moon.


Photo taken with the Nikon D2x and Nikkor 70-300 VR G.  SHot at f/8, 1/320, spot metering, ISO 400, 300mm and -0.7 step.

I’m getting there.

Who dares wins.

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