Ultra Wide Angle Goodness

I have always liked using wide angle lenses.  Therefore, when i saw that the TG3 that i bought came with the “fisheye” conversion lens, the deal was hard to pass up.

Olympus calls it’s FCON-T01 lens, a “fisheye” conversion lens.  Though, in reality, it’s a wide angle lens and can even be considered an ultra wide angle lens.

I hesitate to call it a “fisheye” lens because it does not present the same sort of distortion that a real fisheye lens will give you.  You can see slight distortion on the left and right of the frame, but nothing serious and nothing as bad as what a real fisheye lens will give you.

The lens itself simply attaches to the front of the TG3 with a bayonet mount.  You first have to remove the silver ring that covers the mount on the camera, then line up the white dots on the camera mount and conversion lens, twist clockwise and it “locks” into position.

It is a bit of chunky piece of glass to put on such a small camera, so the camera does become a little out of balance/front heavy.

When i say that it “locks” into place, it does not lock into place like a lens would do on a DSLR or on a mirrorless camera.  There is no button that you have to depress to get it off either.  It’s more of a friction lock.

In regards to optical quality, i feel that it is fairly decent, considering that it’s a converter lens.  Keep in mind that you are essentially putting a piece of glass in front of another piece of glass (the cameras lens), rather then having the lens sit directly over the sensor of the camera.

All in all, i am very happy with the performance of the lens.  It’s a worthwhile accessory if you ever purchase a TG3 or TG4.

Who dares wins.

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