Using The “Microscope” Feature On The TG3

While i was out on Sunday testing the TG3, i did a bit of “macro” photography with the TG3.

Olympus calls it’s macro setting, “Microscope” and even has a little microscope symbol on the command dial.  Once in the “microscope” position, the lens is set to a position where you can focus as close as 1cm away from your subject.

Once you have your subject in front of the lens, you can zoom in and out while in the “microscope” mode.  You can also digitally enlarge the subject without zooming the lens, but i find that this feature brings in a lot of unnecessary noise once you go beyond a certain point.

I would say that the “microscope” feature on the TG3 is very good and is more or less equal to what my X10 can do.  However, the TG3 has one very nice advantage over the X10: a ring light.

As you know, when you bring your camera so close to a subject, the shadow of your camera is going to cut out the light that is falling on the subject, making it difficult in getting an evenly lit photograph.  A ring light solves this problem.

Olympus LG-1 LED Light Guide

The light guide attaches to the front of the camera just as the fisheye or tele converter lenses do.  It gets it light source from the LED illuminator that is on the front of the camera.

I do not posses the light guide yet, but it is on my shopping list over at Amazon.

Who dares wins.

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