Dramatic Tone With The TG3

It was the perfect day to further test the TG3; not because we had good weather, but because we had bad weather!

It rained today and yes, i got the TG3 wet!  But hey, that’s okay, because it’s waterproof and i don’t mean “weather resistant” either.  I mean waterproof, as in you can take the camera 50ft under water.  Yeah, that kind of waterproof.

While getting myself and my camera wet, i decided to try out some of the built in filters of the camera.  I’m not usually into using “filters”, but i think this camera is going to be my fun camera and i want to use/try every filter and scene mode there is.

I think there were a few people looking at me, thinking that i must be crazy to be using my camera in the rain.  It’s satisfying to know that i can use the TG3 in the rain and not even worry about it.

Who dares wins.

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