Stalking A Cardinal

It’s been hard to get a decent photograph of the Cardinal that frequents our backyard, but i finally got him!

I noticed that he and Mrs. Cardinal were flying around at the back, so i went and attached my 50-230mm to my X-Pro1 in the hopes of photographing at least one of them.

He does not stay still for very long and i needed him to do so in order to get a decent photo of him.

Maybe he was “listening” to me, because he stood still on top of the fence just long enough.


Photo taken with my X-Pro1 & XC 50-230mm.  Shot at f/6.7, ISO 3200, 1/25s at 230mm.  Thanks for not moving a muscle for a few seconds.

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Short “Summer” Evening Walk

The other night, my daughter and I took a short walk around our neighborhood.  Though it is not summer yet, it certainly felt like summer that night.

As that credit card commercial once said, “don’t leave home without it!” and in this case, it would refer to a camera.  You never know what you will come across, even if you are out for a leisurely stroll.

It was great to see all the new life springing up.

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    • flower

    • mamulaklak (mang-) to bloom. Namulaklak ang mga halaman sa hardin. The plants bloomed in the garden.

We took a somewhat unplanned trip to Ottawa this past weekend, mainly to go and see the tulip festival.

The temperature was pretty cool on Sunday, but the rain that had been forecast held off and there was quite a bit of sun as well.  Because the weather was not that great, i think that is one of the reasons why it was not as busy as we thought it would be.

This time around, we managed to park near Dow Lake where the majority of the tulips are.  For ten bucks, you get to park your car in the park across from Dow Lake.  From there, all you need to do is cross the street and you’re there (at Dow Lake).

We also made it up to Parliament Hill to see the tulips there.  Along with the tulips, we saw some pretty serious looking RCMP officers, one who had a Colt C8 Carbine slung over his chest.  I definitely felt and saw a heightened sense of security on the hill.

It was certainly nice to see that the tulips, at least most of them, were in full bloom.  I am not sure what state they will be in this coming weekend though.

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Doing It Manually

I had to go downtown today in order to bring my phone in for repair.  Luckily for me, there was one day left on the warranty!  Thank goodness for that.  Now i have this dorky little LG loaner phone for the next few weeks.

Seeing as though i was going downtown and have not been for a while, i brought along the camera to have a little photo walk.

I decided to attach the Canon 50mm f/1.8 FDn lens to the X-Pro1 because i have not really had a lot of practice with it.  I did bring along my 18-135 as well, but it stayed in my camera bag the whole time.  I was just having to much fun using the 50mm.

Of course, being a Canon FDn lens, it is mounted onto the X-Pro1 via an adapter, which means that focusing is done manually.  This really is not a big issue, since i can use focus check to make sure i have a sharp image.

I shot most of the photos at ISO 200 and at an aperture of f/8 or f/11.  The photos that i took inside the church, were done at ISO 2000 at an aperture of f/2.8.

Surprisingly, i got the hang of manually focusing the lens quite fast.  The focus ring is very smooth and has just the right amount of play in it; therefore, fine tuning the focus was not difficult to do.  Of course, when you are manually focusing, it does take a bit more time.

I really do like how the lens renders colors.  It certainly has a very different “feel” to it compared to that of my Fujinon lenses.  Despite it not being one of Canon’s best lenses, you really can’t go wrong with the 50mm FDn.

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Garden Of Tranquility

The garden next to Saint Joseph’s Oratory is open to the public and features the stations of the cross.

It’s an extremely tranquil place to be if you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in the city.  It offers the peace & quiet that let’s you meditate in order to de-stress and get ready for the new week ahead of you.

The garden is far more serene during the summer months when the trees have all their leafs and all the flowers are in full bloom.  The leafs offer a natural barrier against any of the residual noise coming from the city, which is only just a few hundred yards away, making the garden that much more peaceful.

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Ultra Wide Angle Goodness

I have always liked using wide angle lenses.  Therefore, when i saw that the TG3 that i bought came with the “fisheye” conversion lens, the deal was hard to pass up.

Olympus calls it’s FCON-T01 lens, a “fisheye” conversion lens.  Though, in reality, it’s a wide angle lens and can even be considered an ultra wide angle lens.

I hesitate to call it a “fisheye” lens because it does not present the same sort of distortion that a real fisheye lens will give you.  You can see slight distortion on the left and right of the frame, but nothing serious and nothing as bad as what a real fisheye lens will give you.

The lens itself simply attaches to the front of the TG3 with a bayonet mount.  You first have to remove the silver ring that covers the mount on the camera, then line up the white dots on the camera mount and conversion lens, twist clockwise and it “locks” into position.

It is a bit of chunky piece of glass to put on such a small camera, so the camera does become a little out of balance/front heavy.

When i say that it “locks” into place, it does not lock into place like a lens would do on a DSLR or on a mirrorless camera.  There is no button that you have to depress to get it off either.  It’s more of a friction lock.

In regards to optical quality, i feel that it is fairly decent, considering that it’s a converter lens.  Keep in mind that you are essentially putting a piece of glass in front of another piece of glass (the cameras lens), rather then having the lens sit directly over the sensor of the camera.

All in all, i am very happy with the performance of the lens.  It’s a worthwhile accessory if you ever purchase a TG3 or TG4.

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