Windy Sunday Afternoon

Despite the fact that spring started a few weeks ago, winter still seems to have a cold, icy grip on the weather.

With the wind today, i believe it was close to -15 Celsius and that wind was fierce, biting at your face as you walked along outside.

As we came back from the flea market this afternoon, we were driving down the 13 and we saw an Air Transat A330 just clearing the highway, so he was probably a few hundred feet from touching down.  All of a sudden, you saw him squat a bit, then he pitched the nose up and starting to go up again, aborting his landing.  That is how bad the wind was today.

Because of that wind, a few flights came in over our house to land on 10-28.

I can only imagine that it was somewhat of a bumpy ride for quite a few people coming into Montreal today.

Who dares wins.

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