Personal Thoughts On Fuji’s 1.4x Teleconverter

In the last year, Fuji has given us some high-end telephoto lenses, notably the Xf 50-140 and just recently, the XF 100-400.  Though, they did not stop there.

No, they did not come out with a longer reaching lens; rather, they developed the very first teleconverter for XF series lenses: the XF 1.4x TC WR.

For anyone who uses long lenses, such as the 100-400, the fact that Fuji has come out with a teleconverter, is a Godsent.  Not only does the teleconverter give you a lot more reach, but it also puts the XF lens line-up somewhat on par with Nikon/Canon.

Being on par with what Nikon/Canon have to offer a photographer in regards to long reaching telephoto lenses, is a very important aspect in terms of attracting a different segment of the photography demographic.

Fuji couldn’t simply sit on it’s laurels and hope to grow it’s market share with a line-up of prime lenses and short zooms.  No.  It had to start to attract sports photographers and wildlife/nature photographers if they wanted to keep growing and somewhat compete with Nikon/Canon.  The only way to do that, was to come out with some very attractive glass, hence the 50-140 and 100-400.

However, Fuji couldn’t just leave it at that.  I am sure that they asked themselves, “What is it that Nikon/Canon have, that is complimentary to telephoto zoom lenses?… teleconverters of course!”.

Adding the 1.4x TC to the 50-140, gives you a new focal range of 70-196mm.  Now, you are probably saying, “But we already have a 55-200 lens in the XF line-up.”  That is true, but you would somewhat be comparing apples to oranges when comparing those two lenses.

The 50-140 is a constant f/2.8 throughout the focal range and it’s weather resistant.  The 55-200 is not weather resistant and it is slow compared to the 50-140, with a maximum aperture range of f/3.5 – 4.8.

Combining the 1.4x TC with the new 100-400 lens, you will get a new focal range of 140-560mm.  A very nice birding lens or a lens for any situation where you can not physically get very close to your subject.

Probably the best feature of the new TC, is the fact that it is weather resistant.  That means that in combination with any of the two lenses mentioned above and an X-T1 or X-Pro2, you will have a completely weather resistant set up.

By Fuji developing the 50-140 and the 100-400, they put themselves on the heels of Nikon/Canon and they have also started to attract the attention of a market segment that they had not attracted in the past.

With the 1.4x TC, they have just put themselves into Nikon/Canons wheel house.

Who dares wins.

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