My First Photo Sold, Part II

At the start of 2015, i sold my very first photograph and blogged about here (

Since then, i really never bothered to follow up with the marketing company that purchased my photo for one of their campaigns.  The lady that i made the transaction with, said that she would send me a sample of the final piece of work featuring my photo, but she never did.

The company that i sold my photo to, is called Outcrop and they can be found here: .  They have offices in the Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.  I dealt with the office in Nunavut.

Yesterday, i was curious to know what they had done with my photo; therefore, i searched their portfolio and found the marketing collateral that they had made for Sarvaq Aviation, which features my photograph of the Nolinor Boeing 737-200.

Here is the marketing collateral that features my photograph:


My photograph is of the 737-200 that is featured below the words “Labour Services” on the far left of the photo above.  The same photograph is also featured above the man standing on the tarmac, seen at the far right of the photo above.

I really like what they have done with my photograph and i am quite thrilled that it was chosen for this marketing campaign.

Who dares wins.

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