Ikea, Then Airport

Yes, i was crazy enough to go to Ikea on a Sunday afternoon.  But, when it’s two against one, i have no choice.  Besides, Ikea is not far from the airport; therefore, i can treat myself to some time at the plane spotting park after being put through the human rat maze that is Ikea.

I shot in RAF + JPEG again and i think i will continue to shoot like this.  Honestly, i really want to master the RAW converter from Fuji.  Shooting in RAF offers so much more flexibility when it comes to making adjustments and adding your own taste to photos.

With today’s files, i learnt how to batch process multiple files with the same development presets.  Though, there is one little caveat that i came across.

For some reason, i have to reduce the font size for my watermark in Photoshop.  When i use JPEGs processed from RAF files, the same font size that i have been using for quite some time now, appears far bigger and this will be evident in the photos i post here.

Probably the most simple solution to this little problem, is to reduce the font size while batch processing the files in Photoshop to apply the watermark.

It was not a terribly busy afternoon at the airport today, but i was at least able to catch an airline that i have never heard of before: Provincial Airlines.  I will have to look into them.

Luckily for me, i did not have any Ikea furniture to put together when i got home.  We simply bought some odds and ends for the house.  Thank God for that!

All photos shot with the Fuji X-Pro1 and the XC 50-230mm.  Files processed from RAF.

Who dares wins.

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