The Canadian Museum Of History

While in Gatineau last week, we made our way to The Canadian Museum of History.

Funny thing was, i had no idea that the museum had changed it’s name from The Canadian Museum of Civilization.  Therefore, when i was searching for ticket prices online and came across “The Canadian Museum of History”, i thought i had the wrong museum, not to mention thinking that there was a new museum.

The last time we had gone to the museum, was probably around 9 years ago.  Needless to say, a few things had changed.

At the end of our visit, i came away feeling that there was something missing.  I thought about it for a second and i asked myself, “Was that it?”.

This is supposed to be The Canadian Museum of History and all i saw or experienced, was two cultures, the Vikings and the First Nations.  What happened to everyone else?

Well, little did i know or did not notice, was the fact that Canada Hall was closed and under renovation.

Canada Hall is where you can experience the human history of Canada, starting in 1000AD on the east coast of Canada, going all the way to the west coast as people migrated further into the vast lands of Canada.

I was a little disappointed that we weren’t able to visit Canada Hall.  It really is the meat & potatoes of the museum.  It is apparently going to reopen in July of 2017.

Who dares wins.

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