A Battery, Some Rice & A Bit Of Hope

One of the great aspects of using the Fuji X system, is it’s portability.

You don’t always have to carry a camera bag when you go out to shoot.  You can simply put your spare battery, extra lens, etc. in your coat/jacket pocket.  Though, if you do do this, please be careful about leaving items in your pockets!

When i was in Ottawa/Gatineau last weekend, i went out with only my X-Pro1 and a spare battery that i had put in the inside pocket of my winter jacket.  Perfect!  No camera bag to haul around.

However, when i got back home in Montreal, i completely forgot about the spare battery being in the inside pocket of my winter coat.

Having forgotten about the battery, i thought nothing of it when i threw my winter coat into the washing machine.  I only remembered that i  had put the spare battery in the inside of my winter coat, when the battery started to rattle around in the dryer!

Well, i certainly don’t recommend putting you camera battery through a full washing cycle in your washing machine, let alone a few minutes in your dryer.  However, it seems that the battery came out of this unfortunate adventure unscathed.

Once i had taken the battery out of the dryer, i checked it for any external damage and there was none.  I then proceeded to put it in my charger and the green light lite up and stayed solid, meaning there were no issues with the battery.

I then put the battery in my camera and the camera started up fine and i got three bars on the battery meter.  So far so good.


Now, i am no battery expert and i have no positive proof that the battery is not somehow internally damaged.  Though, my thoughts are that if there was water damage inside, there would have been a short and the battery would not operate.

Furthermore, the battery itself seems to be sealed quite good, so perhaps water had a hard time finding a way into the inside of the battery.  And perhaps, since it was in the inside pocket of my winter jacket, it did not completely get submerged in water.

Just to be on the safe side, i put the battery in a Ziploc bag full of rice and left it in the bag for a few days.  I can’t say with any certainty that this took care of any residual water that may have been inside the battery, but it was the only measure that i could take aside from putting a blow dryer to it.

Lesson learnt:  check all pockets of your jacket/coat before throwing it into the washing machine.

Who dares wins.

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