Feeding Frenzy

You know full well that it’s spring when all the little creatures come out in abundance.

Yesterday afternoon, i was able to get a few photos of the little birds that had zoomed in on the bird feeders.  It was an absolute feeding frenzy!

At one point, i tried to get just a little closer to them, but they would not let me and flew off.  I backed off and then waited for about 10 minutes for them to come back, but they never did.

It was quite amazing to watch these little birds eat so much.  When they did come back, i think the only reason why they left again, was because they were full and couldn’t eat any more.

Who dares wins.

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My First Photo Sold, Part II

At the start of 2015, i sold my very first photograph and blogged about here (https://d7100shooter.wordpress.com/2015/01/18/selling-my-first-photograph/).

Since then, i really never bothered to follow up with the marketing company that purchased my photo for one of their campaigns.  The lady that i made the transaction with, said that she would send me a sample of the final piece of work featuring my photo, but she never did.

The company that i sold my photo to, is called Outcrop and they can be found here: http://www.outcrop.com .  They have offices in the Yukon, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.  I dealt with the office in Nunavut.

Yesterday, i was curious to know what they had done with my photo; therefore, i searched their portfolio and found the marketing collateral that they had made for Sarvaq Aviation, which features my photograph of the Nolinor Boeing 737-200.

Here is the marketing collateral that features my photograph:


My photograph is of the 737-200 that is featured below the words “Labour Services” on the far left of the photo above.  The same photograph is also featured above the man standing on the tarmac, seen at the far right of the photo above.

I really like what they have done with my photograph and i am quite thrilled that it was chosen for this marketing campaign.

Who dares wins.

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Provincial Airlines

As evident from my last post, i did a little plane spotting this past weekend.  One of the great things about plane spotting, is when you catch an aircraft or airline that you have never seen before.

Well, this past Sunday, i was not disappointed.

Dash 8’s are pretty common fare at the airport, so it was no real surprise in seeing one taxiing.  However, upon closer inspection, i realized that i had never before seen the logo that appeared on the tail.


I then noticed the words just below the tail, “Provincial Airlines”.  Well, i must admit, in all the years i have taken photos at the airport, i have never seen this airline before.

Provincial Airlines is a regional airline based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and was founded in 1974.  They operate an air ambulance service, scheduled passenger service, cargo service and charter services.

PAL is the largest regional airline operated in Eastern Canada and has offices in Halifax and Happy Valley Goose Bay.  They serve 20 communities in Newfoundland and Labrador, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

They have a fleet of 27 aircraft, with the Dash 8 series making up the majority of the fleet with 10 (different types).

It was certainly nice to add this airline to my growing collection of airlines that land at CYUL.

Who dares wins.

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Ikea, Then Airport

Yes, i was crazy enough to go to Ikea on a Sunday afternoon.  But, when it’s two against one, i have no choice.  Besides, Ikea is not far from the airport; therefore, i can treat myself to some time at the plane spotting park after being put through the human rat maze that is Ikea.

I shot in RAF + JPEG again and i think i will continue to shoot like this.  Honestly, i really want to master the RAW converter from Fuji.  Shooting in RAF offers so much more flexibility when it comes to making adjustments and adding your own taste to photos.

With today’s files, i learnt how to batch process multiple files with the same development presets.  Though, there is one little caveat that i came across.

For some reason, i have to reduce the font size for my watermark in Photoshop.  When i use JPEGs processed from RAF files, the same font size that i have been using for quite some time now, appears far bigger and this will be evident in the photos i post here.

Probably the most simple solution to this little problem, is to reduce the font size while batch processing the files in Photoshop to apply the watermark.

It was not a terribly busy afternoon at the airport today, but i was at least able to catch an airline that i have never heard of before: Provincial Airlines.  I will have to look into them.

Luckily for me, i did not have any Ikea furniture to put together when i got home.  We simply bought some odds and ends for the house.  Thank God for that!

All photos shot with the Fuji X-Pro1 and the XC 50-230mm.  Files processed from RAF.

Who dares wins.

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When i was in Gatineau a few weeks back, i had a great view of Ottawa across the river.  Therefore, when the sun went down, i took advantage of the balcony that we had with our hotel room and experimented with some night photography.

I did not bring my tripod with me, so i had to improvise on how i would keep my camera stable.  Luckily, the railing around the balcony featured a wide, flat hand rail that i was able to sit my camera on top of.

My amateur mistake: i left the OIS on.  You don’t need the OIS of your lens turned on when your camera is on a tripod or any other stable platform.

I shot in both JPEG and RAF since i wanted to be able to play around with the files in Fuji’s RAF file converter.

Aside from shooting in RAF, i also experimented with different film simulations, metering modes and exposures.  I wanted to see what combination of settings would best suit shooting at night with.

Unfortunately, because i scale my photos down for my blog, there is visible banding and other artifacts in the JPEG files that i posted here.  The full resolution files are far better and very clean.

One thing that i did notice, is the fact that if you shoot in a punchy film simulation like Velvia/Vivid, the shadows do tend to be very dark.  You can certainly lift the shadows in post a little bit, but i found that shooting in Provia/Standard was more desirable and you can always add some contrast in post, not to mention punch up the color a bit as well.

Not only was i able to determine the best settings for shooting at night, but i was also able to use Fuji’s RAF converter quite a bit when developing the RAF files that i shot.  The software seemed a bit daunting at first, but after a handful of files, i became more and more comfortable with it.

Though i am happy with the results, i can only think that the files may have been a tad better if i had of used a prime lens on my camera.  I did have my 27mm with me, but i was enjoying the flexibility of the 18-135 to much.

Who dares wins.

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The Canadian Museum Of History

While in Gatineau last week, we made our way to The Canadian Museum of History.

Funny thing was, i had no idea that the museum had changed it’s name from The Canadian Museum of Civilization.  Therefore, when i was searching for ticket prices online and came across “The Canadian Museum of History”, i thought i had the wrong museum, not to mention thinking that there was a new museum.

The last time we had gone to the museum, was probably around 9 years ago.  Needless to say, a few things had changed.

At the end of our visit, i came away feeling that there was something missing.  I thought about it for a second and i asked myself, “Was that it?”.

This is supposed to be The Canadian Museum of History and all i saw or experienced, was two cultures, the Vikings and the First Nations.  What happened to everyone else?

Well, little did i know or did not notice, was the fact that Canada Hall was closed and under renovation.

Canada Hall is where you can experience the human history of Canada, starting in 1000AD on the east coast of Canada, going all the way to the west coast as people migrated further into the vast lands of Canada.

I was a little disappointed that we weren’t able to visit Canada Hall.  It really is the meat & potatoes of the museum.  It is apparently going to reopen in July of 2017.

Who dares wins.

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A Battery, Some Rice & A Bit Of Hope

One of the great aspects of using the Fuji X system, is it’s portability.

You don’t always have to carry a camera bag when you go out to shoot.  You can simply put your spare battery, extra lens, etc. in your coat/jacket pocket.  Though, if you do do this, please be careful about leaving items in your pockets!

When i was in Ottawa/Gatineau last weekend, i went out with only my X-Pro1 and a spare battery that i had put in the inside pocket of my winter jacket.  Perfect!  No camera bag to haul around.

However, when i got back home in Montreal, i completely forgot about the spare battery being in the inside pocket of my winter coat.

Having forgotten about the battery, i thought nothing of it when i threw my winter coat into the washing machine.  I only remembered that i  had put the spare battery in the inside of my winter coat, when the battery started to rattle around in the dryer!

Well, i certainly don’t recommend putting you camera battery through a full washing cycle in your washing machine, let alone a few minutes in your dryer.  However, it seems that the battery came out of this unfortunate adventure unscathed.

Once i had taken the battery out of the dryer, i checked it for any external damage and there was none.  I then proceeded to put it in my charger and the green light lite up and stayed solid, meaning there were no issues with the battery.

I then put the battery in my camera and the camera started up fine and i got three bars on the battery meter.  So far so good.


Now, i am no battery expert and i have no positive proof that the battery is not somehow internally damaged.  Though, my thoughts are that if there was water damage inside, there would have been a short and the battery would not operate.

Furthermore, the battery itself seems to be sealed quite good, so perhaps water had a hard time finding a way into the inside of the battery.  And perhaps, since it was in the inside pocket of my winter jacket, it did not completely get submerged in water.

Just to be on the safe side, i put the battery in a Ziploc bag full of rice and left it in the bag for a few days.  I can’t say with any certainty that this took care of any residual water that may have been inside the battery, but it was the only measure that i could take aside from putting a blow dryer to it.

Lesson learnt:  check all pockets of your jacket/coat before throwing it into the washing machine.

Who dares wins.

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From The Outside

I was really hoping to have another chance at photographing the inside of St. Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa, but it was not meant to be.

I walked up to the doors with enthusiasm, eager to put my 27mm to work, and pulled on the doors only to realize that they were locked.

I went around to the side doors and they were locked as well.

Seeing as though i was not able to get inside, i decided to take a few photos of the outside.

Photos taken with the X-Pro1 and the XF 27mm f/2.8.

Who dares wins.

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First Photos With The Canon FDn Lens

Over the weekend, i was finally able to test out my Canon 50mm f/1.8 FDn lens on my X-Pro1.

While staying in Gatineau, we had a great view over the river of Ottawa.  Luckily for me, we stayed on the 7th floor of the hotel; therefore, i was able to get some great shots without any obstructions.


I shot in RAF because i really did not know what i was going to get with the lens and i wanted to be able to play around with the files a bit.

I did not really pixel peep; but if there is some very slight softness, that is my fault and has nothing to do with the lens or my camera.


I am very pleased with the results.  I shot the lens at f/8 and at ISO 250.

When i ran the RAF files through Silkypix, i changed the film simulation to Velvia/Vivid.  I found the Provia/Standard film simulation that i shot in, a little flat for the scene and the amount of sunlight out that day, washed out the scene just a tad.

I am certainly going to have fun shooting with this lens more.  Despite the fact that it takes a bit more time to use this lens, it does give great results.

Who dares wins.

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