A Little Teaser

After i received my K&F concept Canon FD adapter last week, i was able to get a hold of a 50mm f/1.8 Canon FDn lens.

I purchased the lens from Camtec here in Montreal for $45.00.  It is in great condition, with no signs of wear and no scratches on the front or back elements.  No dust or fungus are visible either.

There has not been much time for me to go out and take photos with the lens, but i have taken some test shots indoors.  So far, the results are pretty darn good.

Here is the adapter and the lens, attached to my X-Pro1:


(Photo taken with my mobile phone.)

At the moment, i am thinking of how i will write the review on the K & F Concept adapter.  Trust me, it will not be a bad one.

A review on the lens with some sample photos, will come when i have a chance to get out and about with my camera.

Who dares wins.

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