4 Year Old X10 Gets An Upgrade.

Fujifilm came out with the X10 in 2012.  In that same year, they released the last major firmware upgrade for the camera, 2.00.

However, ever since Windows 10 began to take over peoples laptops, Fujifilm has been busy writing firmware upgrades for all of it’s cameras (cameras released prior to Win 10) in order for you to be able to transfer files via USB.

When i first hooked up my X-Pro1 to my Win 10 laptop, i noticed that i was not able to access the SD card to retrieve my photos.  The camera was just not showing up as it had when i had Win 8.

Well, Fuji fixed that with firmware 3.41 for the X-Pro1 and now i can transfer files via USB if i like.

Poking around on Fuji’s website, i really did not expect to see an update for my X10.  But, there it was!  The new firmware, 2.01, will enable you to transfer files via USB while using a Win 10 laptop.

It’s really nice to know that Fujifilm is conscious of how new technology can impact the use of some of their older cameras.

You can find the new firmware here: (http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/x10/)

Who dares wins.

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