Rewinding To 2011


While i was going through all my folders of photographs today, i came across some photos of the NASCAR cars when they were here in 2011.

Back in 2011, i had just bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D3000.  2011 was also the year that i became serious about photography.

During that year, i can remember taking photos of just about anything, something i think every amateur does.  Whether it was a cup sitting on the kitchen table or a bird high up in a tree, i had a thirst to use my camera and learn.

I must say, in the last 5 years i have learnt a tremendous amount and i have an abundance more to learn.  The way i see it, photography is a never ending learning experience.

In regards to cars, i have learnt to like taking photographs of them, learning to get closer into some of the details of the car itself, rather then simply taking a photo of the whole car.

Five years on, i am happy to say that i still have the same zeal to go out and take photographs; though, hopefully better ones.

Who dares wins.

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Out On The Water

While in Kingston, we decided to take a boat tour of the Thousand Islands area in the immediate vicinity of Kingston.

The tour lasted a few hours and we were able to go quite a distance up the river.  Aside from the beautiful scenery, there was also some interesting history being told to us by the Captain of the boat.

We were very lucky with the weather.  It’s nice to be out on the water on a warm, summer’s day.

All photos taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 and the XF 18-135mm.

Who dares wins.

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Crossing That Bridge…

On the most part, you don’t cross the Canadian/US border by foot, at least i have never experienced it before.  However, when you visit Niagara Falls, you can do just that.  All you need is 0.50 cents and your passport.

In order to get over to the US, you have to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  Before accessing the bridge, you have to pay a toll, which is 0.50 cents.  Once you are on the bridge, you only come across US Customs when you are on the other side and actually on US soil, despite the fact that the “border” runs right through the middle of the bridge.

You can get some fantastic views from The Rainbow Bridge.  It’s great to be able to look straight up to the falls.  Hang on to your camera though, the water will be quick to claim it and not give it back.

Coming back over to Canada, there was no toll to pay.  Though, the line was somewhat long and their was only one border agent on duty, so it did take a while to get back in.

If you get the chance to cross The Rainbow Bridge, don’t hesitate to do it.  It is somewhat of a unique experience.

All photos taken with the Fuji X100T.

Who dares wins.

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Fort Erie, Ontario

Our final destination on our Southern Ontario road trip last summer, was Fort Erie.  I suppose we could have pushed on further, but we had enough of driving at that point.

We really did not explore the town of Fort Erie much, opting to go directly to the fort (reconstructed) of Fort Erie.

Unfortunately, we arrived just before closing time and they were not really taking anymore visitors.

Well, i did not go all that way to not see Fort Erie.  So, i pleaded with the young lady at the front desk and she proceeded to let us in to visit for 15 minutes.

Though 15 minutes is not a long time to explore such a site, i was at least able to get some decent photos of the grounds.

Next time Fort Erie.

All photos taken with the Fuji X100T.

Who dares wins.

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