K & F Concept Canon FD To Fuji X Mount Ring Adapter

For some time now, i have been thinking of getting into adapting lenses to my Fuji X-Pro1.

I put it off for a long time, forever looking at adapters, thinking of which lenses i would get and so on.  This week, i finally ended my internal debate of whether to pursue adapting lenses or not.

Casually perusing Amazon the other night, i decided to take a look at what was available in terms of Canon FD to Fuji X mount adapters.

I came across an adapter from K&F Concept, a company that i had never heard of before to be honest.

The adapter looked like any other adapter out there and the one review that was associated with the product, gave it a pretty good rating.  What was even more attractive, was the price.  It was $16.99, on sale from $31.99.  I thought, “Heck, i will order it and if worse comes to worse, i will return it.”

Well, i received the adapter today (I ordered it on Tuesday night with Free Super Saving Shipping, so it was pretty fast on Amazon’s part) and i must say that i am very pleased with the product.

In my next post, i will do a full review of the adapter.  Until then, i have to get myself a Canon FD lens to fit to it.

Who dares wins.

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