Sorry, I Could Not Fall In Love With You…

But i always say, one’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party

– Andy Warhol

I used the X100T for about half a year.  But, as much as i tried, i just could not connect with it as i have done with my X10 and Xpro-1.  For me, there is a love relation with those two cameras.  I just could not fall in love with the X100T.

Don’t get my wrong, it’s a beautiful camera and produces wonderful files.  It is at the top of the heap of Fujifilm’s compact cameras.  Nothing compares.  However, i was unable to manage a personal connection with it and i believe that any photographer needs to develop that “connection” with their camera.

Like a hammer or a drill or a circular saw, a camera is a tool in it’s function.  You use it to perform but one thing: take a photograph.  With any tool, you have to develop a certain “comfort zone” with it, where you can instinctively operate it without second thought.

Whether or not it was because i did not spend enough time with it, i started to quickly realize that i was never going to develop a rapport with the X100T.  It just never felt right in my hands.

Aside from the above realization, having three cameras was somewhat ridiculous.  I only have two hands and even though i could, i was not going to start using two cameras simultaneously.  However, i can certainly bring two with me, one as backup.  Sadly, one was always being left at home.  It really did not make sense.

A few months ago, i started to think about what i was going to do with the X100T.  Was i going to try and fall in love with it? Or should i simply try to find it a new home?  After some internal debate with myself, i finally decided that it was time to move on and break-up with my X100T.

It was not the easiest decision to make, seeing that i had lusted after having an X100 of some flavor being in my arsenal.  Though, in the end, it only made sense to sell the X100T when i did.  I was certainly not going to get any money for my X10 or X-Pro1 and i did not, by any means, want to be without an ILC.  The duo of the X10 and X-Pro1 made far more sense.

It’s a bit scary selling something valuable on the internet, but i knew exactly where i could find someone who would give my X100T a great new home, so off i went to a Fuji forum that i sometimes frequent.

After only a day, a wedding photographer from Ohio came across my ad and he was looking to get an X100T for his casual, everyday camera.  After i bit of back and forth, i finalized the sale and now my X100T is down in Ohio.

Me, my X10 and X-Pro1 are doing just fine.

Who dares wins.

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