Dufferin Islands, Ontario

One evening during our stay in Niagara Falls, we decided that we would drive down to the boardwalk, park the car and then have a picnic dinner.  Well, that did not work out, not because there was no parking, but because we would have had to take out a bank loan just to park for a few hours.

Plan B had to come into effect.

Plan B entails me looking on the GPS for any “green spaces” on the map.  Luckily, there was a “green space” not to far along the road that we were already on.

That evening, we ended up in the Dufferin Islands Nature Area (Dufferin Islands) and had our picnic there.  The photos below were taken the day we left Niagara Falls.


I could not believe the amount of ducks and geese that were making this little patch of nature a home for the day.  We fed them some bread, which was rather entertaining.  You would have thought they had not eaten in days.  Though, i do think their feistiness came from abundant greed.


It was definitely a nice area to sit down and relax.  Aside from the occasional “honk” and “quack”, it was quite peaceful.


Because of the goose population transiting this area, you really do need to be careful where you step once you are on one of the islands.   There are little “land mines” all over the place.


Dufferin Islands Nature Area is a great place to come for some peace and quiet, as well as to have a picnic.

Who dares wins.

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