Fort Henry, Kingston, Ontario

Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario, is a major attraction for anyone visiting the city.

Fort Henry sits atop a hill on a peninsula that juts out into the St. Lawrence river.  The fort sits on a strategic location and was used to protect the Kingston Royal Naval Dockyards during the War of 1812.

In the 1830’s, the original fort was replaced by a much larger installation – what you see today – and was again used to protect the naval dockyard, as well as the southern entrance of the Rideau Canal.

During the 1930’s, the fort was restored and remains a major tourist attraction.


Aside from the historical importance of this site, going up to Fort Henry is going to offer you a great view of the St. Lawrence River and the city of Kingston.

When you do get up to the fort, the parking is free and you can walk around the grounds at your leisure – you do have to pay to get into the main area of the fort itself.


The day we went, it was hotter than inside an oven, hotter then a snakes ass in a wagon wheel’s rut, hotter…. well, you get the idea.  It was just hot.  Not to many places around to get shade.  I did feel sorry for the guys and gals who were dressed up in costume and doing the reenactments.


Below is a great view of the downtown area of Kingston.  The body of water that you see at the right of the photo, just beyond the trees, is Navy Bay.


Another view of Navy Bay.  The land that you see on the other side of the bay, is where the Royal Military College of Canada is located.


Below is a view looking out onto the St. Lawrence River.  The bit of land you see at the left, is Cedar Island.


If you do end up in Kingston, Ontario, don’t miss out on Fort Henry.  If it’s during the summer, bring a hat for shade and a bottle of water.


Who dares wins.

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