Fright Night

Continuing on with the theme of photos from October, you can’t have an October without photos from Halloween.

Last year, Halloween night was particularly warm, as well as absent of many people.


It was quite strange being out on Halloween night and being part of only a handful of people.  We went out at the same time as we always have done, so it was a weird feeling to not see to many other people.


There were also less houses giving out goodies.  I suppose less people were in the spirit.


Despite the lack of people and the fact that less houses were giving out goodies, there was still an abundance of decorations to be seen.


This was my favorite decoration out of all of them.  All of that orange showed up really well on the black background.


Even though Halloween night was not as “festive” as it has been in past years, it was still a good night to be out in the neighborhood.

Who dares wins.

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