Yes, There Are Beaches In New York.

It was far to cold for a swim, but the beaches that we came across in up-state New York could only be inviting on a hot summers day.

Despite not being able to swim, the landscape lent itself to some beautiful photos.


The first four photos in this series, are of a beach just behind a McDonalds.  I’m not sure that it is a regular spot for folks to go and swim, but it is certainly used by people.

During the summer, i am sure it is a great spot to sit and have a bite to eat, especially as the sunsets.


There must have been millions of these little shells on the shore.  As you walked over them, you heard the crunching sound under your feet.  I am assuming that the seagulls and other birds have a feast on these (clams?) as they wash up ashore.


These last three photos were taken at Point Au Roche State Park – interesting that the name is in French.

This is a park that we happened upon on our way back home from Plattsburgh.  The water that you see in the photos, is Treadwell Bay, a part of Lake Champlain.


Point Au Roche is a beautiful state park, with camping sites and picnic areas, as well as the beach that you can see in the photos.  It must be amazing to spend the day here during the summer.


Here is a look at some of the picnic and camp area of the park.  Way off in the distance, to the right, you will see a touch of blue.  That’s our car.


If you get a chance, get down to the Lake Champlain area.  There are numerous places to discover and explore.

Who dares wins.

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