First Evening

On our first evening at Niagara Falls, we took a stroll down to the falls just as the sun was beginning to set.

Holiday 2015 113

The below photo is a picture of the lookout tower on the NY side of Niagara Falls.

Holiday 2015 114

He are the American Falls.

Holiday 2015 120

A view looking up to the Horseshoe Falls (Niagara Falls).  On the right, is the Canadian side and on the left, is the US side.

Holiday 2015 122

Here is a view of some of the more “modern” hotels in Niagara Falls.

Holiday 2015 123

Horseshoe Falls (Niagara Falls).

Holiday 2015 124

All photos taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 and the Fujinon XF 18-135mm.

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Fort Henry From The Water

While down in Kingston this past summer, we decided to take a little boat tour of the of the Thousand Islands or at least the small part that you can see from Kingston.

During our boat tour, we were able to see Fort Henry from a different perspective.

Holiday 2015 003

In the above photo, you can see Fort Henry in the distance; while in the foreground, you can see part of the Royal Military College.

Holiday 2015 004Holiday 2015 006

Below, you can see one of the fortifications located at the base of the hill where Fort Henry is located.

Holiday 2015 007

All photos taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 and the Fujinon XF 18-135mm.

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K & F Concept Canon FD To Fuji X Mount Ring Adapter

For some time now, i have been thinking of getting into adapting lenses to my Fuji X-Pro1.

I put it off for a long time, forever looking at adapters, thinking of which lenses i would get and so on.  This week, i finally ended my internal debate of whether to pursue adapting lenses or not.

Casually perusing Amazon the other night, i decided to take a look at what was available in terms of Canon FD to Fuji X mount adapters.

I came across an adapter from K&F Concept, a company that i had never heard of before to be honest.

The adapter looked like any other adapter out there and the one review that was associated with the product, gave it a pretty good rating.  What was even more attractive, was the price.  It was $16.99, on sale from $31.99.  I thought, “Heck, i will order it and if worse comes to worse, i will return it.”

Well, i received the adapter today (I ordered it on Tuesday night with Free Super Saving Shipping, so it was pretty fast on Amazon’s part) and i must say that i am very pleased with the product.

In my next post, i will do a full review of the adapter.  Until then, i have to get myself a Canon FD lens to fit to it.

Who dares wins.

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Legoland… Again.

I can’t avoid it.

Every time we go to Toronto, my daughter wants to go to Legoland, despite the fact that she has already visited.  I like Lego as well, so going again is not all that bad.

Be prepared to lay out some money though.  Aside from the admission, you are no doubt going to end up buying a Lego kit as you exit; after all, they make you exit through the Lego store.  Smart.

Holiday 2015 068 (2)Holiday 2015 069 (2)

If you don’t recognize it, these downtown scenes made of Lego, are of downtown Toronto.  It’s quite impressive seeing it up close like this.  You can really get a sense of the hard work that has gone into building these scenes.

Holiday 2015 070 (2)Holiday 2015 071 (2)Holiday 2015 072 (2)Holiday 2015 073 (2)

Seeing as the new Star Wars movie was right around the corner at the time we visited, they had built some scenes with the new line of Star Wars Lego sets.

Holiday 2015 075 (2)Holiday 2015 076 (2)

At one point, my daughter and I sat down to take a rest and we built our own creations.  Below is a photo of my creation.  Pretty good right?

Holiday 2015 079 (2)

Below is a photo of the activity area in Legoland.  This is where my daughter and I sat down to take a load of our feet.

Holiday 2015 081 (2)

All photos taken with the X100T.

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In front of the Planet Hollywood in Niagara Falls, Ontario, you will find some run down movie stars.

No, i am not talking about Stallone.  Rather, you will find some run down replicas of  cars that have appeared in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies.

Holiday 2015 106Holiday 2015 107

They have certainly seen better days.  The Canadian winters have taken a toll on these vehicles and i am sure that wildlife has taken refuge in them at certain points in time.

Holiday 2015 108Holiday 2015 109

Photos taken with the X-Pro1 and the XF 18-135mm.

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Dufferin Islands, Ontario

One evening during our stay in Niagara Falls, we decided that we would drive down to the boardwalk, park the car and then have a picnic dinner.  Well, that did not work out, not because there was no parking, but because we would have had to take out a bank loan just to park for a few hours.

Plan B had to come into effect.

Plan B entails me looking on the GPS for any “green spaces” on the map.  Luckily, there was a “green space” not to far along the road that we were already on.

That evening, we ended up in the Dufferin Islands Nature Area (Dufferin Islands) and had our picnic there.  The photos below were taken the day we left Niagara Falls.


I could not believe the amount of ducks and geese that were making this little patch of nature a home for the day.  We fed them some bread, which was rather entertaining.  You would have thought they had not eaten in days.  Though, i do think their feistiness came from abundant greed.


It was definitely a nice area to sit down and relax.  Aside from the occasional “honk” and “quack”, it was quite peaceful.


Because of the goose population transiting this area, you really do need to be careful where you step once you are on one of the islands.   There are little “land mines” all over the place.


Dufferin Islands Nature Area is a great place to come for some peace and quiet, as well as to have a picnic.

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From New York, With Love.

When you visit Niagara Falls, Ontario, one of the cool things that you can do, is walk across the Canadian/US boarder via the Rainbow Bridge.  Once you are on the other side, you are in New York state and just off to the right, is Niagara Falls State Park.


When we made our trip to the US side of Niagara Falls, three was a lot of mist being kicked up by the falls.  In the photo below, you can see the Rainbow Bridge off in the distance.


You can just barely see it, but in the below photo, there are two rainbows.


You can clearly see the mist from the falls in the below photo.  The Canadian side of the falls is somewhat obscured.


It was quite something to see the water rush by like this.  You were able to get a clear sense of the waters raw power.


There always has to be one idiot.  Even though there are signs that clearly warn people to not go over the barrier – for obvious reasons -, this guy thought he was smarter then park officials.  One bad step and he would have been gone.


If you find yourself down in Niagara Falls and just happen to have your passport with you, make your way over to the New York side of the falls.  It gives you a great new perspective of the scenery.

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Fort Henry, Kingston, Ontario

Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario, is a major attraction for anyone visiting the city.

Fort Henry sits atop a hill on a peninsula that juts out into the St. Lawrence river.  The fort sits on a strategic location and was used to protect the Kingston Royal Naval Dockyards during the War of 1812.

In the 1830’s, the original fort was replaced by a much larger installation – what you see today – and was again used to protect the naval dockyard, as well as the southern entrance of the Rideau Canal.

During the 1930’s, the fort was restored and remains a major tourist attraction.


Aside from the historical importance of this site, going up to Fort Henry is going to offer you a great view of the St. Lawrence River and the city of Kingston.

When you do get up to the fort, the parking is free and you can walk around the grounds at your leisure – you do have to pay to get into the main area of the fort itself.


The day we went, it was hotter than inside an oven, hotter then a snakes ass in a wagon wheel’s rut, hotter…. well, you get the idea.  It was just hot.  Not to many places around to get shade.  I did feel sorry for the guys and gals who were dressed up in costume and doing the reenactments.


Below is a great view of the downtown area of Kingston.  The body of water that you see at the right of the photo, just beyond the trees, is Navy Bay.


Another view of Navy Bay.  The land that you see on the other side of the bay, is where the Royal Military College of Canada is located.


Below is a view looking out onto the St. Lawrence River.  The bit of land you see at the left, is Cedar Island.


If you do end up in Kingston, Ontario, don’t miss out on Fort Henry.  If it’s during the summer, bring a hat for shade and a bottle of water.


Who dares wins.

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“Twirls”, A New Photoshop Fad

You may have heard of twirls long before reading this; but if you haven’t, you are going to be introduced to a new and creative way to “Photoshop” your pictures.

Personally, I was introduced to twirls only yesterday.  I found out about them as I was reading a photography forum that I frequent once in a while.

Seeing that I am always willing to try something new while using Photoshop, I jumped at the opportunity to try it on one of my photos.  Ten minutes later, this is what i came up with:


Here is the photo in it’s original state:


The tutorial that will enable you to do twirls in Photoshop, can be found by going to this link: (  I am sure that this tutorial is one of numerous ones that you can find online.

You don’t necessarily have to watch the video.  Rather,You can simply follow the step by step instructions within the article.  It’s quite easy to follow along and as you do, you will notice that there are many ways that you can manipulate the end result.

I call twirls a fad, because just like any other new “trend”, people will get carried away with it and abuse it (if they have not already done so), to the point that it will get worn out.  Eventually it will get annoying.

Try it out.  It’s always beneficial to learn something new.

Who dares wins.

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