Boeing B-47 Stratojet Revisited

Plattsburgh, NY, is not very far from Montreal; therefore, if you want a change of scene, it’s a quick drive back and forth.

It’s not the most exciting city to visit, but the drive down is nice and once there, you are just across the water from Vermont.

I do believe that most people from Montreal who do make their way down to Plattsburgh, go there for one of two reasons: 1) to do some shopping or 2) to catch a flight from the airport there.

Seeing as the Air Force Base used to be a huge employer in Plattsburgh before it closed down, you are still going to find what was left behind, namely the old base housing and a very large B-47 acting as a gate guard.

Though i have taken photos of the B-47 before, i could not resist photographing it once again.

AJMP5824 AJMP5825 AJMP5826 AJMP5827 AJMP5828 AJMP5829 AJMP5830 AJMP5831 AJMP5832

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