Using The “Dynamic Tone” Filter In The X100T

While i was down in Saint Jean sur Richelieu, i thought i would try something a little different with my X100T.

If you have not found them yet, there are a bunch of filters built into your X100T that can help you put a little “creative flair” into your photos.

In order to get to those filters, you need to press on the Menu/Ok button on the back of your camera.  One there, scroll down to the 4th sub menu of the shooting menu.  As soon as you get to the 4th sub menu, the Advanced Filter option will be highlighted.  Press the Menu/Ok button again.

You will now be in the Advanced Filter sub menu.  Scroll up/down until you get to the Dynamic Tone option.  Click on the Menu/Ok button again.  You’re now set to shoot all your photos with the dynamic tone filter on.

Here are a few photos that i took with the Dynamic Tone filter:

X1000474 X1000476 X1000477

As you can see, the Dynamic Tone filter gives your photos quite a bit of contrast.  It certainly is an interesting effect, but i would use it sparingly seeing as it may not fit with ever type of scene.

Thanks for looking.

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One thought on “Using The “Dynamic Tone” Filter In The X100T

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