Some Fall Colors

I went back to my hometown a few weeks back and was able to catch the fall colors in their last throes of life.

We did not have to walk to far to be able to take in some nice scenes.  The photo below was taken from inside the car.

AJMP5741 AJMP5749

Strange how this patch of red cropped up among all the yellow and green leafs.

AJMP5765 AJMP5767 AJMP5769

I think this was the only person in the lake that day.  It must have been nice and brisk skimming across the calm water.


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I am really behind in my photo editing & posting.  These photos from August prove that.  I am slowly catching up, but it is an uphill battle at the moment.

While i was down in Saint Jean Sur Richelieu, i was able to catch this dragonfly in a park just next to the river.

Dragon fly

The dragonfly was a good sport about things and did not move as i took it’s photo.  I really like the color that it has.

dragon fly

Thanks for looking.

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