Lunar Eclipse Composite

I have had a bunch of photos of the recent lunar eclipse just sitting on my desktop for some time now.  In that time, i have been wondering how i can present the photos in a unique fashion.

Although not completely unique, i thought i would learn how to make a composite with the photos i took.

I would assume just like anyone else who wanted to document this event, i took quite a number of photos in order to catch each phase of the eclipse.  This is not a bad thing, since you want to have as many photos to choose from as you can.

Being a complete novice at Photoshop, i had to take to Google so that i could find a good tutorial on how to do this.  Here is the tutorial that i followed:


It’s a great tutorial and don’t be discouraged, you don’t need Lightroom to accomplish the composite.  I have Photoshop Elements 9 and i did just fine in following along.


If you only have Photoshop like i do, you just need to bring all your photos into Photoshop and start where Noel starts in Photoshop.

If you mess up somehow, don’t give up or get dismayed, it’s all part of the learning process.  It is learning new things that will make you a better photographer.

Thanks for looking.

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2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse Composite

    1. Hi Noel, you are most welcome. I enjoyed watching and learning. Nice that you accommodate both Mac & PC users with the shortcuts. Thank you for the compliment. Keep up the good work on your end 😉


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