Impromptu Plane Spotting At YYZ

There are a couple of things (among many) that i have learnt over the past years when it comes to photography.  One, be ready for anything and two, adapt to the situation that is presented to you.  You don’t always, if ever, get a shot served up to you on a silver platter.

As luck would have it (or rather just a good choice of hotel location on my part, hint hint), our hotel in Toronto was not very far from Pearson International.  Even better, the hotel was located right under final approach.

Of course, i really had no idea that aircraft were going to be landing at that end of the airport.  So, when we drove into the parking lot and I saw a Lufthansa 747 coming in for landing, i grabbed my camera gear and got to work.

Holiday 2015 041

Below is a Boeing 737 with scimitar winglets from Sunwing.

Holiday 2015 045

These shots were not that easy actually.  When the aircraft were turning to make a parallel run with the 401, they were extremely back lit and once they straightened out, they only ran parallel to the 401 for a few thousand feet, which is covered quite quickly by them.

Once they had made that final turn and lined up for the runway, they were going away from me.  Therefore, i had to catch them as they were running parallel to the 401.

Holiday 2015 048 Holiday 2015 053 Holiday 2015 055

I was lucky with this plane spotting session.  Not only was i able to catch a few 737s with scimitar winglets, but i was also able to catch a LOT 787.  Great catches indeed.

Holiday 2015 059 Holiday 2015 062 Holiday 2015 065 Holiday 2015 067

Below is a WestJet Boeing 737 with the new scimitar winglets.

Holiday 2015 071 Holiday 2015 073 Holiday 2015 077 Holiday 2015 080

Here is the LOT Boeing 787.  She certainly has beautiful lines.

Holiday 2015 081 Holiday 2015 084 Holiday 2015 087

It was a great afternoon of plane spotting and i was able to catch a few new aircraft, which is always a bonus.

Thanks for looking.

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