Lunar Eclipse Composite

I have had a bunch of photos of the recent lunar eclipse just sitting on my desktop for some time now.  In that time, i have been wondering how i can present the photos in a unique fashion.

Although not completely unique, i thought i would learn how to make a composite with the photos i took.

I would assume just like anyone else who wanted to document this event, i took quite a number of photos in order to catch each phase of the eclipse.  This is not a bad thing, since you want to have as many photos to choose from as you can.

Being a complete novice at Photoshop, i had to take to Google so that i could find a good tutorial on how to do this.  Here is the tutorial that i followed:


It’s a great tutorial and don’t be discouraged, you don’t need Lightroom to accomplish the composite.  I have Photoshop Elements 9 and i did just fine in following along.


If you only have Photoshop like i do, you just need to bring all your photos into Photoshop and start where Noel starts in Photoshop.

If you mess up somehow, don’t give up or get dismayed, it’s all part of the learning process.  It is learning new things that will make you a better photographer.

Thanks for looking.

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Cool Saturday Afternoon Plane Spotting

This Saturday morning, the sun was out and the sky was blue.  Therefore, i thought it would be a great day to go and do some plane spotting.

Well, the sun did not last long and before I knew it, it was overcast.  Oh well, i was not going to be deterred.

AJMP5776 AJMP5780

They have built a nice little hill at the spotting park.  Once you are on top of the hill, you have a nice line of sight over the fence.  No more chain link fences in my photos.

AJMP5784 AJMP5786

There was not many aircraft taking off when i was there shooting.  That, combined with the fact that is was a bit cool standing on the hill, made for a short stay.

AJMP5788 AJMP5790 AJMP5793

As I was standing there, looking over the airport, I thought about the fact that it is very rare indeed to see a 747 these days, as well as the fact that the 380 does not fly into CYUL anymore.

It’s a real shame that I was never able to get a shot of the 380 when she was coming to CYUL.

AJMP5795 AJMP5797 AJMP5798

Is this an Airbus or a Boeing?


Thanks for looking.

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Eye Catchers

Walking up and down Clifton Hill, you can’t help but be visually assaulted by the bright, colorful signs & facades that line the street.  They really do grab your attention.

AJMP5656 AJMP5657 Holiday 2015 092 Holiday 2015 096 Holiday 2015 098

This lion was inside one of the venues along the street.  It is actually made completely of tires and is from Thailand.

Holiday 2015 130 X1000585

Taylor Swift anyone?

X1000586 X1000587 X1000588 X1000589 X1000591

Thanks for looking.

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Impromptu Plane Spotting At YYZ

There are a couple of things (among many) that i have learnt over the past years when it comes to photography.  One, be ready for anything and two, adapt to the situation that is presented to you.  You don’t always, if ever, get a shot served up to you on a silver platter.

As luck would have it (or rather just a good choice of hotel location on my part, hint hint), our hotel in Toronto was not very far from Pearson International.  Even better, the hotel was located right under final approach.

Of course, i really had no idea that aircraft were going to be landing at that end of the airport.  So, when we drove into the parking lot and I saw a Lufthansa 747 coming in for landing, i grabbed my camera gear and got to work.

Holiday 2015 041

Below is a Boeing 737 with scimitar winglets from Sunwing.

Holiday 2015 045

These shots were not that easy actually.  When the aircraft were turning to make a parallel run with the 401, they were extremely back lit and once they straightened out, they only ran parallel to the 401 for a few thousand feet, which is covered quite quickly by them.

Once they had made that final turn and lined up for the runway, they were going away from me.  Therefore, i had to catch them as they were running parallel to the 401.

Holiday 2015 048 Holiday 2015 053 Holiday 2015 055

I was lucky with this plane spotting session.  Not only was i able to catch a few 737s with scimitar winglets, but i was also able to catch a LOT 787.  Great catches indeed.

Holiday 2015 059 Holiday 2015 062 Holiday 2015 065 Holiday 2015 067

Below is a WestJet Boeing 737 with the new scimitar winglets.

Holiday 2015 071 Holiday 2015 073 Holiday 2015 077 Holiday 2015 080

Here is the LOT Boeing 787.  She certainly has beautiful lines.

Holiday 2015 081 Holiday 2015 084 Holiday 2015 087

It was a great afternoon of plane spotting and i was able to catch a few new aircraft, which is always a bonus.

Thanks for looking.

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