Kingston Harbour, Ontario

Kingston has a really nice waterfront park, called Confederation Park.  It sits right in front of Kingston Harbour.

Holiday 2015 035 (2)

We were able to get down to the harbour just as the sun was going down, which makes for some nice photos.

Holiday 2015 037 (2)

The other benefit of going somewhere in the downtown area of Kingston before the sun sets (at least in the late summer months), is that the parking is free after 5:30pm.

I learnt the hard way that parking was free after 5:30pm, by continuously trying to pay the parking meter, only to have it reject my payment.  I tried with multiple forms of payment, only to give up in the end when a city worker told me that parking was free after 5:30.

Holiday 2015 038 (2) Holiday 2015 051 (2)

Not only can you get some nice sunset photos at the harbour, but you can also get boat & bus tours of the Kingston area.

The boat will take you around a small part of the Thousand Islands and the bus will take you around to all the historic sites within the City of Kingston.  We ended up taking the boat tour.

Holiday 2015 053 (2)

If you do make a stop at Confederation Park in Kingston, bring along a bit of bread for the local waterfowl.  There are ducks a plenty!

Holiday 2015 055 (2)

Thanks for looking.

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