The Falls at Night

Going down to the falls at night is pretty special.  Not only do you have a great setting for a nice, leisurely walk, but you also have lights shimmering on the water.  It’s kind of romantic.

Many people make it down to the “board walk” next to the falls and you better have good night vision, because it can get very dark.


With night photography, you need some essentials and two of those essentials would be: 1) a tripod or 2) a stabilized lens.  Either one will work in order to cut out hand shake at low shutter speeds; but remember, you can not use them in combination.

Anyhow, i had neither the night i took these photos.  However, i did find spots to rest my elbows on to steady my camera the best i could.

My shutter speeds went down to 1/15 and i had my aperture at f/2.

X1000650 X1000653

In the below photo, you can see the US side of the falls, Niagara Falls, NY.  Buffalo is actually further down south, right across from Fort Erie.


I really like how the clouds add an element of drama to the photos.  In addition, you can really get a sense of how dark it is down at the falls at night.


There are usually a few more colors in the lights that light up the falls (this is a view of the American falls), but there only seemed to be red and a faint glow of green this time around.


Thanks for looking.

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