St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kingston, Ontario

Wherever we go, we always do our best to visit a local church and Kingston was no exception.

While driving down to the water front, we noticed a cathedral tower poking above the surrounding buildings.  Seeing as i love documenting the interior of churches, it was a given that we would stop by.

X1000677 X1000679

I was able to get some photos right before the mass started.  Photographing inside a church with people in prayer, is best done with a leaf shutter.  Don’t try this with a DSLR, you will have everyone turn their heads.

X1000680 X1000682

This is the tower that we saw rise above the other buildings around it.

X1000683 X1000684

Walking along side the church to the back, you will find a cozy little chapel (St. James Chapel) where you can get away from the hustle & bustle of life and just let everything go.

X1000686 X1000687

Inside of St. James chapel, it is even quieter then inside of the cathedral.  Once again, my leaf shutter proved invaluable for this type of situation.  No one even knew i was taking photos.  Even i don’t hear anything!

This is not an environment suited for the mechanically clunky DSLR; unless of course, you want people giving you the evil eye.

X1000689 X1000690

It was really nice to be able to spend part of beautiful summer afternoon here.  The environment was so peaceful and we were afforded a nice rest before we hit the road again.

Thanks for looking.

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