Kingston City Hall

While strolling around the streets of Kingston, we decided to make an escape from the hellish heat by popping into city hall.

Holiday 2015 023 (2)

Now, city hall is a pretty strange place to be going into to get relief from the heat.  But, they had a sign out front saying, “free tours of City Hall”.  So, we went in and had a tour.

Holiday 2015 026 (2)

Below is the hallway leading up to the council chambers.

X1000698 X1000699

I thought this “light” (chandelier?) was pretty interesting.  It’s really the center piece of the chamber.

X1000700 X1000701

Below is the function hall.  I would imagine they have all sorts of official functions and ceremonies here.

This hall has some beautiful stained glass depicting the battle fields of WW1.  I will put the photos of those stained glass panels in my next post.


Thanks for looking.

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