Street Art

I took the old X-pro1 out today.  Well, it seems to be old, what with everyone’s attention – even Fujifilm’s – on the new X-T10 and the “newish” X-T1.  The poor X-Pro1 (Fuji’s first interchangeable X series camera)  has sadly been forgotten.

However, i am still extremely fond of it and will not give it up for any of the new gear.  It does what it is supposed to do: take photos and it is damn good at it (i do have some input, of course).

AJMP5203 AJMP5204

This is the kind of graffiti i like.  I love these wall murals that are around Montreal.  I found these ones in NDG (Notre Dame de Grace).

AJMP5205 AJMP5206

The FOV of the 27mm is great.  I always felt a little restricted with the 35mm.  On the X-Pro1, i have a really compact system with the 27mm lens.


The colors in these murals are just wonderful and i think that is what makes them so interesting and eye-catching.

AJMP5208 AJMP5209

For this photowalk, all i had with me was my camera, nothing else.  I did not bother with a spare battery, because i knew what i was going to shoot and i had enough juice in my battery to accomplish what i wanted to do.


Thanks for looking.

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2 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. Stumbled upon today’s entry, never looked at your blog before!

    Yes, the X-Pro1 is sort of the ‘step-child’ of the Fuji line these days with those of us who still use it having a great time with it always doing what our camera should: catch fabulous images. And… occasionally wondering, when it reacts slowly or some such, will there be a younger sibling to meet all the requests all of us have put forward to Fuji?

    I use my two bodies and 6 lenses every week (well, not the 18-55mm and 35mm so much) and remember that it is the camera that got me taking pictures again after many years of not really having much interest.

    I love the graffiti pics. Reminds me of a couple I took in Havana earlier this year – with my ever-present X-Pro1!


    1. Thanks for your comment. I will keep my X-Pro1 until it gives up the ghost. I could have exchanged it for the X-T1, but i feel that i would not take advantage of what the X-T1 has over the X-Pro1, namely better AF. I like to be slow and methodical. I have an X100T, so i have been able to enjoy some of Fuji’s new technology.


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